BloodRed Eyes

So it was one of my Sundays off, which you know I am crazy in love with and I decided to go for a big walk on the dykes at 7am… it was 1hr20mins…good one, eh!!

Came home and within 30mins my eyes were almost swollen shut while I was sneezing non-stop…what the heck was in the air out there? My concern was that i had to be on the skytrain in 2 hrs to head downtown to meet Doris; so even though in agony over my itching eyes I soaked in the tub for 45mins and washed my hair, I knew I had to get any pollen etc… off of me before going out. I then hopped on the train with no makeup and soaking wet hair.

Yep as imagined it was NOT a pretty picture; when Doris picked me up at ‘Bucks – I do believe she was a lil shocked by my appearance…also I was raised ‘to dress’ for the theatre so there was no way I was going looking like this. My eyes had started to open again (see picture above) so I knew I needed to add some eye makeup, as well as fluff and spray the hair – whatever I could to becoming somewhat presentable; but sadly I was still really stuffy.


At Wicked

Doris, Katie and I went to see the Broadway phenomenon Wicked at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre on Sunday. It was great…not awesome by my standard but really really good. I loved the music and of course they ended the first act with my all-time fav song; Defying Gravity and it was fabulous.
As soon as it ended, unfortunately I had to rush back to the office (via the Sky Train) to prep a bunch of baskets. Didn’t end my day til almost 9pm…normally no big deal but I have to be a Safeway at 5am; which made the next couple hrs feel more like a nap than a good nights sleep.
Monday AM – I was up at 3am to get to my office and load my car with the basket making products and one for delivering as well as placing the 6 completed gifts from the night before out in the hall for courier pick_ups and deliveries. Went to Sfwy for 5am but then had to rush to the EasterSeals head office for noon to help them make baskets for their upcoming fundraiser and ended up staying for 6hrs straight. They were lovely, very sweet and most appreciative for the help  -cuz we all know that pretty baskets will raise more money. Truly I was happy to help them out; but was really getting tired esp cuz I was taking tons of allergy drugs so i could make it through.
Jill’s Birthday Card

After reloading my car with all the large boxes of different colours of shred, bolts of ribbon, and tons of extra baskets I  brought and had to leave from the Easter Seals office, and head directly to Milestone where I was meeting Jill to celebrate her birthday. We enjoyed some of our Milestone traditions and some great laughs – which are also a tradition for us.

The card (on the side) was Jill’s card this year and inside was her gift. Jill and I have discussed our desire to get more crafty and creative and to attempt painting or drawing. SSOOOOOOO for her birthday this year, I gave her a gift certificate for a 2hr intro lesson to drawing with pastels. I having to holding onto this certificate since late March when I bought it and have been teasing her with lil hints like “I got you the BEST gift this yr”, “when are we getting together so i can give you your gift, cuz you are gonna LOVE it” etc…. yep no secret keeping here!! and everyone in my family can attest to the fact that when i pick a good gift – i am ridiculously excited about presenting it to them .
So even though it was a lloooooonng, brutal and full of suffering, the last 48hrs were also simply fabulous with loads of blessed moments …let’s just hope the next 2 days are fille dwith just a touch more sleep.
Thanks for checking  in,