Perfect Subject

Even though it started around 4am at the office, today was AWESOME!!! Back in December, I bought myself a Christmas present and was over the moon with my choice. It was a gift certificate to a PhotoClass and PhotoWalk with one of Vanc’s many Professional Photographers in one of Vancouver’s perfectly photographable locations, Granville Island.
And today was the day it was scheduled… I busted my butt this AM to get all my work done so I could leave at 11am.
(and actually I left alil early because I wanted to get my favorite pasta salad in the market for lunch… but finding a few extra minutes to get one of my favorites, is never a challenge)

I met Amanda and a couple other students at the Arts Club and she quickly got to work on the explaining many important aspects of our cameras and photography in general. Things I had a rough idea about but truly had no idea how to achieve or when or why.
Honesty it was a lil dry – I didn’t grasp it all…but am motivated to learn.

(BTW, this ridiculously adorable photo subject was handy when focusing on shallow depth of field…my method didn’t work but still think he is adorable)



technique in Motion

We learned a bunch of different techniques and how to achieve different effects with just your camera. 90% of these I thought were actually achieved thru PhotoShop but NO, all done with the camera -shutter speeds, ISO, aperture, etc…

Very cool – she showed us how to actually make people who are moving disappear…see the lady’s leg in the photo. If she didn’t stop; it would’ve been perfect. Damn people…never moving the way you want them to 🙂


but this technique was my absolute favourite technique – its called panning… where the background is fully blurred but part (or supposed to be most) of the subject is clear

 or sharp.
Hope you like too!!!
I love it… I can picture tons of places for its execution as well. Picture J running for a soccer ball or just chasing Eddie at home… it will be super fun to play with.
Thx so much for letting me to share my day,
Ok I have to add this one more… I mean, it was impossible for me NOT to focus on this pup, any exercise she gave us, I always tried to use the puppy…90% of the time it didn’t work. Oh well…I wasn’t complaining.

So sweet!!