J with his Measuring Tape

(another Nat’l Scrapbook Month project completed)

This was one of those moments captured that makes me so thankful that I scrapbook.

Every now and then, J says or does something that I know I will want to remember in the future to remind him that he said or did… and scrapbooking is the perfect tool to keep my memories.

Last December, J was in the office and casually grabbed my measuring tape and stated “Come here Auntie so I can see how OLD you are”

I had to giggle and then naturally got into a conversation about how you can’t measure AGE with a tape but you can measure one’s height, the length of something, the width of something else…etc… and in usual Auntie fashion giving him WAY MORE info than necessary.

Thanks for checking in,

(oops forgot to mention, I will be changing the journalling written on teh yellow die cut sheet… to strips of paper because it’s too hard to read in white ink on the patterned paper)