Fitness World

So about 2mos I made the decision to get healthy – nope, not a new plan–not even an original plan…but for me, THIS was THE TIME. When chatting with Mom and a few friends, I classified it as a Mental Shift…it was a definite MOMENT… I could feel it. and the fact that I am still working after 2mos is record-breaking… however “Houston” we have a problem.

The first 2 weeks were awesome; worked out regularly; felt great – no aches and pains and more importantly my life didn’t come to a screeching halt because I took a couple of hours off throughout the week to work out. Proving that WE all do have the time when its a priority to us.
The 3rd week hit and well, we had abit of an issue staying on track…it was my birthday week and I was out ALOT; which was a great thing for me personally but not good for the workout plan.

(Also this might be the time to mention the fact that even though I started working out, I didn’t change my eating habits AT ALL… one major change at a time right. My birthday week was a great example of this.)

The following week, I got back on the wagon and worked out for a minimum of 3times a week and maximum 5times a week…usually Fitness World classes but also 1hr walks at the beach or Jillian Michaels 30day Shred (only did it 2x but hey, I am counting it :p) Then that fateful Thursday happened… what happened, you may ask???
To this day, we don’t know… but while getting ready for dinner with Kelly M; I came down with a pounding headache. And this said headache stayed with me for 3weeks long… IMAGINE a throbbing, pulsating and CONSTANT headache for 3 FRIGGIN weeks. I tried to power thru it; by day 3 I was up to 16 Tylenol a day, by Day 7, I was at the clinic in serious need of relief…he schedulesd a CT scan after a brief question period and few pokes at my neck.
While I continued to work, pop pills and stay the course with my life… working out wasn’t much of an option. I tried a couple of times but the pounding music, annoyingly loud instructors and jumping up and down sent awful vibrations through my whole body, right to the top of my head.

CrossFit gym - Bare Bones

In February, a Sfwy GF (Anna-yep we blame her :p) suggested we sign up for Crossfit Bootcamp -I thought ‘Sure why not’… so I did. The date we choose was May 1st – sadly it arrived while I still had my headache problem.

So I cautiously attended my first class. I knew it wasn’t going be a Fitness World class but I was NOT prepared for the HELL that it was. Even though I am the first to admit how deeply out of shape I am, and how much extra weight I am carrying… I have always maintained that I am ridiculously strong… and very competitive. I have NEVER in my life had my A$$ kicked so badly then by this place. It was no contest – CrossFit WON by a landslide.

We started with a run…uugghhh; which has never been my strong suit; and this was evident as I quickly fell behind everyone else by over half a block. So by the time, I FINALLY get back to the gym, everyone is looking all rested and refreshed but I looked like a truck ran over me while I was out on the road; then we are supposed to warm up …gym sprints…with duck walks (walk while in squat position), bear crawls (walking on all fours) then travelling squat jumps… truly at this point; I am bright red in the face, dripping in sweat, completely out of water already… and totally SHOCKED AS HELL when he announces the START of the workout.   ooohh, while on this I should mention that I am the oldest in the class by at least 20yrs and the most overweight by easily 30lbs- – gotta  working out beside 12yrs olds in Lululemon.

Basic Burpee

We did military burpees…a traditional burpee (which is ridiculously hard on its own) but with a military (hands close to chest) push up at the bottom – plus 3 other exercises all in a Tabata; which means you do as many as you can in 20secs, rest for 10, repeat 8TIMES then move on the next move and repeat the pattern. PLUS count and report and record our lowest score to the front of the gym.
I was dead …not tired or worn out – but friggin dead… the whole time while my head is pounding.

So clearly I didn’t make it to the next class… #1 reason being that I still had to stand to pee by straddling the bowl because it was too painful to squat down;   and too painful to go for another beating, the #2 reason was because I saw Bev and she gave me my first sign of headache reprieve and I didn’t want to do anything to set that back and #3 was just the simple fact that i was not up to be humiliated again.

Since then I have been back 2x, Friday was fine…no biggie… this last Monday was again AWFUL…we did pull ups…imagione trying to pull all your own body weight up by your arms so that your chin clears the top bar (for again, 8sets) then take your wobbling shaking arms and do any many push ups as possible for 8sets, etc…and on it goes… right from the start, I fully embrace the ‘worm’ movement while trying to do a push up (I USED to feel pretty good about my ability to do push ups..not anymore)

Typical position for me

It’s Tuesday evening while I type this and am still in pain…all muscular though because thx to Bev I am headache free now for 5SOLID DAYS. Yippee.

So after that insanely long post and explanation, the big reveal of change in me after all this in 2mos is a GAIN OF 4lbs. Yep not happy but also not dissuaded from my new plan; I would just BE HAPPIER even I had lost some weight. So perhaps, i will start to embrace some food changes… that is after I inhaled the 12 Dad’s Oatmeal Cookies from this afternoon.

Thx for checking in and listening to my spiel and MOST IMPORTANTLY your support,