Can't believe she is 7!!

Been holding this post for a while as I wanted the recipients to see the cards first. The first card is one I made for my niece for her 7th birthday…how the time flies.With this birthday I really wanted to treat V as the big girl she is becoming… it was the first yr I didn’t get her a cutesy lil girl card and gift; actually the outfit I got her was adorable but very “grown up” in my mind>>>and after finding out that they are heading to Hawaii soon, I knew it would be perfect for there too.For Vs card I used alot of Crate Paper’s Pink Plum line of papers and embellishments as well as SUs Whisper White Cardstock and brown brads and a handmade accordion flower.
Then for her mommy, even though T and I don’t usually exchange gifts, I thought I would send over a Starbucks gift card with my card…but sadly each and every one of my anal tendencies came with it. ‘Bucks has recently come out with these Birthday Gift Cards but of course that meant that I needed to find the perfectly matched cardstock – took me 2 full days to search through ALL my papers to find one that complimented the gift card  PERFECTLY…how ridiculous am i?? I know, I know… don’t answer that.

TLCs Surprise card

I used My Minds Eye Penny Lane collection for her card and created a ‘frame’ layer on the cover to place the card in…wasn’t fussy about the “Peace” on the bird, but what can you do?!?!!?

(side note: yet another example of how anal I can be when it comes to card making now… and yes, I am loving it and this weird lil self-imposed perfectionism)

On V’s card I originally stamped the Birthday sentiment directly onto the  orange block but I made an elementary stamping error and created a HALO – which is the term used when the ink on the side of the rubber stamp unfortunately stamps down onto your design as well. UUGGGHhh…  I was gonna let it go because honestly, I know V wouldn’t care at all about the mistake BUT the more I looked at it the more irritated I become by it and knew it had to be fixed. How do you fix an error directly on paper that takes up more than half of the front of your card….oohh, just glue something on top of it. As they say in the creative world, it’s not a mistake; it’s just a reason to get MORE creative 🙂

Thanks for checking in, Carole

See 'the oopsie' in behind?!?!