not sure if you are aware of this or not, but I am a total ‘joiner’…I will sign-up for anything and everything I have an interest in. I have complete intentions to learn, experience and discover new things because I LOVE to soak up everything about the subjects I have an interest in.

BUT here’s a lil secret… I SUCK at follow through.

If I sign up for a workshop, I will review the first few assignments or handouts perhaps complete the first part of my ‘homework’ then fail to continue. If I enroll in a class I will review the materials then start to feel at ease while deciding to complete the class on my own later… which of course, NEVER happens.  When involved in an organization, I will do what’s required, attend meetings, etc but lordy, pls don’t ask anything else of me.

These revelations are very odd to me as they contradict everything I feel about myself… everything I thought I knew about my own personality- however, as they say…the proof is in the pudding. I truly thought I was a go-getter–get things done kinda gal; task oriented and goal focused sorta chick – – – well, NOT when it cames to scrapbooking or creative indevers
Perhpas it because these are personal interests and hobbies, perhaps because there is no accountability to anyone, perhaps because I am not being rewarded or paid for my efforts…simply not sure – -my work life revolves around guaranteed completion as everythgin I do has a deadline on in… so perhaps that is why I am more casual about personal hobbies.


Right now, I am in Ali’s One lil Word, Karen G’s Embrace imperfection – both offered by BigPictureClasses as well as DigiInDeeper and Mouse, Paper & Scissors at JessicaSprague -one is on digital scrapping and the other is strictly hybrid with Heidi Swapp. And ‘Be your own Muse’ just ended with Vivienne McMaster but sadly I only completed one assignment there…it was based on self portraiture but was NOT FOR ME!!

As of this post on February 22th, one classes has 3 assignments due – of which I have completed ONE; another has 5 due of which I have done NONE; the others are just starting so we are just in the beginning/planning stages so technically I am not officially behind yet and with Ali’s I know my word as I do every yr but have had great difficulty finding visual representation for it which is February’s homework.

So my new plan is to get caught up and stay that way before signing up for ANYTHING ELSE ((gulp!)) but I really really want to start a new BPC class in March on curiosity…it sounds like fun! So I will be busting my butt for the next week.

So peeps, I am asking you to keep me honest.

Grotto Spa on Vanc Island

ALSO sidenote – have you heard of pinterest – very cool place to keep a visual diary of your interests, dreams, likes, etc… WARNING  – its very addictive but very fun!!

Thx for checking in,