This last week was full of everything I enjoy, treasure and am truly grateful for.

…not in any particular order :)…

First off, I had a number of unexpected orders at work  – – came in from weird unknown places too.

Had a great night out with Dee. We do love our movie nights but this week we got the time all messed up and hadn’t going for a bite to eat and enjoying lots of laughter and chatter. It was great fun. Hopefully we will get to see Secretariat (spelling??) soon…actually there is quite a few out right now that I would like to see.

Hanging out in the lil house

Had lunch one day with an old friend. Amazing how the time falls away when you connect with a true friend  – how easy it is to pick up again. It was great, K.

Spent a fabulous afternoon with J as well. We went to the gym…although there were alot less children than normal…J still found a friend.

He could quite figure out why this lil girl said she didn’t want to play but kept hanging around him. He is so brilliant to realize that if he simply stopped asking and become more aloof to her appearance – she immediately wanted to be by his side constantly.

Then we were off to the office to put his train set and the Dora/Diego village back together which had to be dismantled for the move. He had great fun working on both …having a duel with our bonkers (empty cello rolls…we pretend they are swords) and playing with his treasured Tractor from Grandpa John.

Look at how cute I am while upside-down

Don't jump on me

Then i enjoyed a very decadent saturday off… started with an early coffee  (Chai) with a friend in town, a quick trip to the office then the rest of the day at home to try to organize everything still needing to go to the office, 3 loads of laundry, baked some brownies, watched a ton of movies I had been saving and SCRAPPED…can’t believe; I actually had time to scrap. WOW, what a treat!!! will load pictures soon.
Thanks for checking in,