What WAS PC`s office

It`s amazing what alot of blood, sweat and yes, not ashamed to say, a few tears can accomplish in a few short days.

WOW where did my lil world go… I had huge flashbacks while seeing the office so empty. 2yrs ago – almost to the day I walked through these doors and saw nothing but amazing potential in this space. I knew I could grow by leaps and bounds and this office would allow and support me in this dream. PC had a chance to be massive in this space 🙂

Unfortunately the economy had a different plan and sadly it didn`t happen as quickly as I had hoped. 

But it isn`t all rose-coloured glasses about this location… I froze, literally couldn`t feel my fingers, in the winter; gagged in the heat in the front section of the office in the summer, I HATED the unfinished floors; HATED the insects incl all shapes and sizes of spiders; dreaded the hydro bill monthly (it was HUGE many months) and the coke-sniffy landlord left abit to be desired as well.

But looking at these empty walls and wide open spaces, I am left wondering, DID I EVEN EXIST in this space… is there any evidence that I spent 2 yrs of my life here.

Nothing of me left here...

Very odd and disconcerting feeling, but happy and free to move on to a new and exciting venture – onward & upward I say!! or I am sure some people say it…

Hugs and thx for checking in,