While many people have fantasies of shopping sprees on Rodeo Dr, weeks/months on a sandy beach in the South Pacific and many others have a totally different idea of decadence, I have always had a different plan or desire. Perhaps because I am more of a realistic & there’s no point in longing for something that isn’t going to happen. Shopping sprees bring on more debt and sandy beaches bring on the stress of wrestling my layers into a bathing suit…and that is all far from decadent to me.

Quiet Peaceful Moment

Almost daily when running into Starbucks for my morning beverage, more than likely already behind on my planned schedule for the day, even if I am there at opening at 5am… I always notice these people cuddled up in oversized chairs reading books or typing on a laptop or simply browsing the web…WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE??? What is going on in their worlds that they have time to go set up shop at ‘bucks for some leisurely downtime. Don’t they work, don’t they have piles of laundry meeting them at the  front door like a neglected lover, don’t they have friends that they never have time to see that they should be making time for now….uuggghhh… don’t they have schedules written out daily and set up in 15min increments…
I ponder all this judgement…while privately I am green with envy.
I longingly look over at their peaceful demeanor, savour the quiet air around them and pray that maybe I, too may be blessed with such a zen moment in the near future… it is so close yet oh so far away at the same time. And just at the exact moment when I think I might be able to sense a fleeting moment of peace, I burn my hand by spilling my scolding chai as I stir it with some needless madman speed & aggression – – and presto, I am back to reality.  

So, true be told… enjoying a moment like that is my idea of decadence. Having nothing on your plate that is SSSOOOO pressing that you can’t take 2 hours to sit, read, be quiet, browse the web and simply breathe in the joy of tranquility with the lull of people passing in and out of my ‘space’.

Or so I thought….

Stop what you are doing and take a moment to be very still and listen at the angels singing overhead because …as I type this… I am HERE RIGHT NOW.
I am in a Starbucks 2hrs before meeting D to see a movie and have made the conscious effort to grant myself this time.  aaaaaahhhhhh….. allow the zen calm to overcome my being….

ok, any minute now… I will feel at peace….hhhmmm, wow that guy is talking loudly…ok, no big deal…just breathe and type… breathe alil more, because it’s not quite working yet… uugghh, a couple dirty looks to ‘loud talker’ and he is now merely a whisper… ok, back to breathing and typing, breathing and typing

oohh, note for Mom on blackberry … and now back to having my moment…just
inhale exhale inhale exhale…. holy crap that frappuccino machine is loud, and what is that constant beeping noise? Why doesn’t someone turn it off?

Why does no one else seem to be irritated by how loud it is in here…the door opens every 2seconds and the roar of the traffic outside permeates the whole place.
I think the guy beside me just read my laptop screen…who does that??
Yuck and someone just walked in with the worst B.O. Geez, heard of a shower, buddy-its not a new invention.

Also now I really have to pee…that means I am gonna have shut down my whole system, pack it all up, lug it all to the washroom then come back out and hope that my coveted spot near an electrical outlet is still here.

WOW this is NOT WORKING… I am more stressed than when I walked thru the door – really truly, I am breathing – in out in out…
OMG it hasn’t even been an hour, what the hell am I gonna do for another 1hr and a bit…I am not gonna lie to you, I don’t think I am gonna make it. HEADLINE reads: Woman seeking peace slaughters everyone in downtown Starbucks!!!

At least I can say I did it…won’t be doing it again and perhaps I realized that I need to set my goals alil higher and perhaps ones with proven track records… and maybe ones that never have a chance of seeing the light of day.
(seriously, chick on other side of me just started cracking her knuckles…. no word of a lie)

Thx for checking in,