Wow my last post was exactly one month ago – that’s brutal…but once again I have a great excuse.

Middle of August brought on THE WEDDING… that’s right Nadia and Eddie finally got hinged. It was the spectacular production that you would expect, incredible food, loads of family & friends and incredible food – oh, I think I said that already ūüôā And yes, our girl was the most beautiful bride I seen this side of Hollywood…it was like she just stepped off the big screen.¬†Her stunning gown, her loving glow and beautiful smile were only¬†accessories to her great big generous heart that shone all night long and does in all she is everyday.

The image below is of the card I made for her. I tied the black ribbon around the entire front because my desire was to tuck a gift card into the ribbon …sadly this didn’t happen.¬†I purchased a gift card from Royal Caribbean cruise line for the happy couple¬†to enjoy some extra indulgences while on the honeymoon. Unfortunately it didn’t arrive in time for her special day¬†so¬†I pitifully placed a Post-it ¬†explaining the situation.¬† Uugghh!! Awful!!Guess I will simply give them a gift card for the Bay for another toaster or something missed on their registry…uugghhh…not my idea of a gift but hopefully they will find something they need and want.
I hate it when you have a great plan and it falls flat because you have¬†to release the control of your gift to someone else… as you can imagine-that’s not my strong suit.

NAD – I wish you and Eddie a long lifetime of joy, pleasure and love surrounded & supported by all of your friends & family.

Nadia's Wedding Card-in her colours

All the rest of the month was a write off for blogging because my MOMMY was in town. Yippee !! Everyone in my life knows that¬†EVERYTHING goes on hold when mom’s in town It’s super important to me to have as much free time as possible ¬†when she is here.

Now as her first born, I foolishly thought that simply the concept of seeing ME would get her on that plane but since the arrival of your grandson… it’s all about HIM. My brother and I are simply added bonus’ to any venture out west. In the next¬†few days¬†I will try and do a full recap of¬†her trip and all our adventures with pics as well.

Julian and his grammie were inseparable for the 3weeks and she loved every minute of it.

Everytime¬†I watch Mom and J together I am reminded at how lucky he is because¬†she is the BEST type of grandma. She gets down on the floor and play with his toys – she will hide when he wants to play hide n seek – she is the first to be silly to make he laugh – she is delighted to take part in any adventure he comes up with – she is NOT the type of grammie¬†to sit by and merely watch or observe the growth of her grandchild.¬†¬† I can still hear him¬†saying¬†‘Come on Grammie’

Here they are at the Vanc Aquarium  Рand yep that Mom right up front with J staring up at the Beluga tank.

Mom and J mesmerized at the Aquarium

This was our last family meal the night before her trip home. Eric did a wonderful broiled salmon, pan fried snapper, rice and corn on the cob. He is a great cook.
Julian played with his wooden tools, wearing his customized tool belt on his tool bench (amazing gifts from his Grandpa John) after goofing around with his grammie at the dinner table. 

Silly Grammie

¬†I look forward to giving you a full recap very soon but of course, since Mom’s departure I have been working a ton and trying to get caught with everything and everyone ignored for the last 3weeks.

Thanks so much for checking in,