Why do I have such I hard time completing scrap projects?? Just do it…attach the last button, stitch that last line, write that journalling… uugghh, much easier said than done. 

Many girls that dabble in this hobby or obsession as I call it, call it being a perfectionist…maybe that’s an idea, some think it’s about procrastination – nope can’t give you that one cuz I start at least 2 a day…I finish one a month. Yep those numbers don’t work out well. 

My treasured ornaments

Currently NOT counting all the ones written out in files (yep, I have files for all my layout ideas broken down into categories of subjects i.e. J, V, ME, family, etc…) I have 32 layouts designs in a WIP (work in progress file) PLUS 7 half completed books and 3 with just the covers done. 

SSOOOO>>> because I have completely given up on the weight loss plan, and i LOVE plans, directions and programs, I have decided to start a new plan… the Scrap it Up plan!! 

My new plan means that I will dedicate at least one full night a week to completing one of the layouts in my WIP file and this is the big one; WITHOUT starting another one. ooohhh, that hurts me to even type it! And when I am caught up, then I will go to my files and start going thru them. Many are concepts only and very few have photos to go with them so they will take a while but as of right now at the beginning of Sept, I do think it is feasible. 

Also I have signed up for a LOAD class …is it a class, Lain?? so that will totally help. What is a LOAD – it’s a Layout a Day plan… LAYOUT A DAY -OMG what the hell was I thinking… I was thinking of doing the whole thing digitally of course but still really enjoy papercrafting and  traditional scrapping. She sends us subject and journalling prompts, ideas and inspiration through her own creations – she’s ridiculously talented. I am excited and nervous about the process. 

So I hope by the time I get crazy busy at work with the holidays or even by the end of the year, I will be completely up to date and ready to go into 2011 guns blazing. 

Here’s another couple layouts and book covers I am working on…. 

Alaska Cruise Book -just the start

Duh, the subject of this one should be pretty simple to figure out but because none of the pics I got were stunning and wasn’t ‘moved’ too deeply by the experience – it has been thrown onto the back-burner too many times. 

Day at the beach_2010

This one is fairly recent from Mom’s trip last month and our family venture down to 2nd Beach so J could get crabs, which of course he LOVED, just like his daddy did 30yrs ago. 

Bobblehead Vee

I love this fun pic of V – she looks like a lil bobble head and I can’t wait to do something with it – but sadly because it’s not time sensitive – it too gets pushed off to that overloaded back-burner. 

But of course, the one that weights the most on me is my Project 365 from 2009. I have spent more time deciding how I want the pictures/pages laid out that if I spent that much time executing it – it would’ve been done in January. Uuggh, it sucks! 

So that gives you an idea of the range of stuff in the works and hopefully some of the stuff you will see completed in the near future, 

Thx for checking in,