Because I will be making a book of all my posts and pictures from a year of blogging , I want to create a couple consistent monthly posts that will represent alil snippet of my world as of this date – it will be great fun to look back on some day waaaaaaaaaayyy in the future.

{10} things for August 2010 is my 10 favorite meals…

Cooking with my mommy

1. My Mom’s Turkey Dinner

2. My Mom’s Roast Beef Dinner
(these are my favorite 2 meals on the planet…so much so that I arrived home in PEI this May with a large frozen Butterball turkey and a 3rib Baron of Beef roast in my suitcase. -Nope, no joke…I really did!  It was my ‘subtle’ way of hinting to my mom that it had too long since enjoying one of her big meals. Yep, I am subtle like a bulldog… but man, it was worth it. So wonderful)

3. My Mom’s Eggs and Bacon for dinner

…oops, I guess we have too much of a pattern going here…

4. Milestone’s Spring Salad…no red onions, easy dressing… extra red tortilla chips on the side to eat with the goat cheese YUM. My go-to location for girl’s night out, 1st dates and any casual gathering.

5. Pajo’s Fish & Chips…. cod nuggets and chips to be precise. fresh, light, crisp & fabulous…served in a newspaper cone ocean side

6. Cipriano’s Garlic Bread… the size and decadence of this bread could easily be considered a MEAL- it is the best garlic bread in town and yes, I have tried just about all of them… sadly the pasta isn’t best

7.  Red Door Pan Asian Sichuan PotStickers and Ginger Beef and/or Sweet Chili Chicken -fun environment for any gathering of friends

Anton's on Hastings

8. Anton Pasta’s Spaghetti and Meat Sauce..yes, ordinary and everyday and basic… but so friggin amazing. Don’t forget to get the Caesar Salad when there. YUMMY!!!

9. Bishop’s Tenderloin dish (unless Halibut is in season and the menu…then go that way) in Kits is by far my favorite high-end restaurant… so truthfully, order anything on the menu and you will be happy

10. and to end a great night (or even start a promising one) I love going to Chambar to indulge on their Raspberry Tart thingy…its tart but has a smooth coconut ice-cream with it. OMG any eating list of mine MUST incl this treat …which again I could easily make into a meal

Thanks for checking in, Carole