A Movietime Must

Every month on the 3rd, I post  my 3 TOP wishes at THIS moment in time then let you know how far we got on their attainment-but to be clear these aren’t officially goals; just nagging lil wishes…

1. I truly madly deeply wish that movie popcorn …as I like… layered with extra butter wasn’t as bad for you as they tell you it is.  I hate that I feel guilty everytime I order my HUGE TUB. Really is it possible that a VEGETABLE that you treasure and love as much as I do corn; could possibly be so bad. I believe that when you honestly love something -it really can’t be THAT BAD as ‘they’ say it is.

2. I wish it was easier for me to turn off my mind when my head hit the pillow at night. I have such a hard time staying asleep… although getting to sleep is no problem. As you know I can fall asleep at the drop of a hat, fall asleep at red lights in the car, fall asleep during TV shows and sadly recently fell asleep in a Starbucks while a friend was in line getting our drinks… clearly I am overly tired BUT then why can’t I stay asleep for longer than 4-5hrs. I truly wish that one day I will have the glorious experience of 7-8 hrs of shut eye. AAAHHH what a wish.

3. On a sadder note, I dearly wish that an old friend & colleague, that lost her battle with cancer this weekend, enjoys the peace of where she is now. She was in such pain for such a long time.
ALthough its difficult not focusing on our loss, as a friend or family member, now that she is gone but this situation is a prime example of how the community around her needs to focus on the better and easier place she is in and how she can smile again as easily as she used to.

Those are my 3 wishes genie for Aug10!

THanks for checking in,