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Because I will be making a book of all my posts and pictures from a year of blogging , I wanted to create a couple consistent monthly posts that will represent alil snippet of my world as of this date – it will be great fun to look back on some day waaaaaaaaaayyy in the future.

{10} things for July 2010 is the last 10 brick n mortar…real life…in person…actually walked into… stores I visited

1. the Liquor Store – because of work (yep, that’s my story) I am at a liquor store at least 5 times at week so that must be No.1

2. Safeway – of course is a very very close 2nd…for all obvious and the fact that one NEEDS to eat

3. Michaels -almost 3times a week-needs no explanation here

4. Toys R Us- was checking out the price of those ride on…actual drive… mini cars for J

5. Kin’s Fresh Fruit Stand – while personally I usually shop at the Steveston Market; for work I like Kin’s and it’s 2mins from the office

6. Save on Foods -for the same reason as above.  Although Safeway is my preferred grocer; Save On is so close to the office if we need something I can just whip in.

7. London Drugs – aaahhhh good old LD. Became addicted to this store as a child and still have great love for it. Really, truly -anything you could EVER need EVER you could find IT or a substitute at London Drugs – LOVE it

8. Precious Memories – the mostest amazing local scrapbook store on the planet…too bad it’s not technically local, its in Langley which is like, really really far from me. Every now and then when I have a delivery in Langley, I will take it myself just so I have an excuse to drive out there and visit the yummy deliciousness of the latest & greatest scrapbook items -also Clipper St is out there too and even though it has changed alot I still enjoy visiting their store.

9. Chocolate Arts – amazing local chocolate artists that do alot of work with native art & lately I have had to incl a few of their pieces in some gifts, and they always give you a sample when you walk in 🙂
Last time I went J was with me and they give him one too – dark choc with crystal ginger…he put in his mouth right away (of course) then almost instantly spit it back out into his lil hand and said “You have it Auntie”- he is so good at sharing…hahaha

10. Walmart – they are the only ones that sell the only allergy drug that works for me so I went to pick them up and walked out with a bill for $92 – that is the same skill that Costco has on my wallet – except in Costco its $200-300.

(oohh and to be totally honest, it’s not 10am on the 10th…its 230am but I work at 5 and won’t be home to post this -but really, in the big picture, does it matter??? Nope, didn’t think so)

thx for checking in, Carole