Every month on the 3rd, I will be posting my 3 TOP wishes then let you how far we got on their attainment-but to be clear these aren’t officially goals; just nagging wishes…

Incomplete Scrap Layout

1) get caught up on some scrapbook layouts I am waaayy behind on. I have at least 19 in the works…majority have been in play and in thought for well over a year and have at least 6 partially done

2) wish I was the type of person that ran – wish I was the type of person that at the end of the day; could say to a friedn over dinner “Wow I had a great run this morning” “I saw the funniest thing during my morning run yesterday”…sadly I am not. I HATE running…it makes me feel like death is coming, makes me wheeze and cough like I have a long term smoker and it’s boring. HATE it but really wishes I loved it. Can you fall in love but just really really hoping you were? I am sure there is more than one guy this has turned out to work with…again, sad but true.

3) wish my allergies would clear up…I feel and sound like a swallowed James Earl Jones and jack hammer. I don’t do sick well and yes, am taking everything I can get my hands on; hopefully it will soon pass.

Thx for checking in, Carole