I just started my first week of a new class at Big Picture Scrapbooking and I am already loving it. It’s called Camp Scrap and it is meant to emulate the light carefree fun of Summer camp. I need motivation to get through all the scrap pages I have planned in my head…lil time to complete them and sometimes lil inspiration…and so far this has been exactly what the doctor ordered.

Class is taught by the adorable and ridiculously talented May Flaum who you may know from Scrapbookupdate or the Paperclipping Roundtable

This week J became an exppert at strawberry picking!


The first assignment was to produce a 2pg layout that was very linear and clean in design…which I love, of course. Sadly I haven’t ventured into 2pagers yet…it seems a touch overwhelming and lord knows, I don’t need all that extra space to fill with my babble. ((i heard that…))

Thx for checking in