For the last few months, you can’t pick up a phone in J’s presence without hearing… I talk Grammie, I talk Grammie… it really is adorable unless I am at the office chatting to a client, simply placing an order with a supplier or just saying HI to a friend that happens to call…then it can be abit confusing to him and a touch distracting to me.  
Also ‘conversation’ is not quite his strength …he is pretty good at answering her questions but sometimes (alot of the time) he loses focus and let the phone drop, talks to quietly OR>>> like on this day, he points the phone to the pool and says ‘Look, Grammie… Auntie’s pool!’.  He’s still confused why she can’t see the pool thru the phone.

No matter how slightly phone/conversation challenged he is…bottom line…its still pretty adorable!!!