so here’s a recap of the last week…even though i reaaaaaallly don’t wanna share.
…i put on another 3lbs last week, put on another 1 this week &  feel pretty deflated about it all but since then i have decided to NOT CARE. i am just going to continue to plod along… being fairly diligent about what i eat and make real efforts to get to the gym or simply ‘move’ somehow…it’s been 5 days since i have had fast food i.e. McD’s and went to a movie on the weekend and didn’t have popcorn (but am going to another tomorrow and WILL BE having popcorn) Guess i will continue on this roller coaster and try to be more at peace with it all.  

Also got some fun news last week… i got a promotion. I am now a Senior Associate with Stampin Up. What does that mean you may ask…well, your guess is as good (if not, better) than mine. It even got special mention at a big group meeting Wednesday night… but still without explanation of its meaning or how it was accomplished. Yes i am sure if I did some digging on the SU site, i could probably find out but really, its not a big deal. I just love the products and am happy to keep supporting them.

We have a very special celebration in our family this week and i naturally made a card for this incredible event. My cousin Tammy turns 40 and i truly can’t believe it. Feels like yesterday she was just a babe,she always felt like my baby sister when we were together vs a cousin, then she was a teenager working at McDonalds then making the life changing decision to move to the island and now she’s all grown up with a real career and a beautiful six yr old… holy crow!!   Happy Birthday Tam!! Have a amazing day and year!!

Also last week i got a big stash of new products from Tim Holtz incl distressing Inks, glitters, alcohol inks, AC Thickers and TH’s masks. One of which i am very excited about using on a layout about J’s seatbelt escape attempt. Since i started that one about 3 weeks, i guess you will see the end result in another month or so…hahaha …sad but true… scrap layouts take me forever.

Here’s another fun thing – i got a wee mention on Scrapbook Trends blog They were looking for layouts that started from a digi template so i submitted the one about J going up the rope ladder…actually its not my fav but was the easiest to find on my hard drive.

Jack is about to come on so i have to go… they are recapping last week – Renee died…what???? did i not watch last week… what is going on??? is he dreaming… ok really gotta go to pay attention….

Thanks for checking in, C