the plan was to head to the gym after work..had the class all picked out… had excited nervous butterflies going on (cuz it’s supposed to be a hard class), had a mini meal of protein and cards to get me thru the class, had the recorder set to get Lost, Good Wife etc…  – the PLAN was flawless – so i thought…

So at 5:10pm i arrive at the gym for my 5:15p class and realize that i have left my t-shirt at work and, as a shock to many, I am wearing one of my huge thick sweatshirts- not a shirt I could even think about working out in – DARN IT!!! i can’t believe i did this – this is the last class of the day and there is no time to go home or to the office to get a tee. uugghh

Now yes, i will say it before you do  – yes, i could’ve driven to the dykes which are RIGHT THERE and gone for a good walk but you know when you get your head set on something i truly didn’t have any desire to do anything else.

So did a few errands and went home – ok yes and truth be told – ate the rest of my jelly beans from Easter!

uugghh well today is a new day and I got here early this AM to get a ton of work done so i could go to the 1015am class – keep you posted!!