my lil workout with Jerome yesterday was rough but i didn’t think it was really that back…til i rolled over in the middle of the night and my arm started to throb then this AM i had issues lifting my toothbrush. Clearly this gettign in shape thing is gonna take longer than i thought.

on track for today, i printed off my ‘meal plan’ from the 90day Challenge and i will follow it the best i can…but here’s my interpretation …

Breakfast – 2fried eggs (in Pam) and a few strawberries

-Starbucks Venti Chai Tea (w non fat milk and one pump vanilla)

-cup of strawberries and 2 hard granola bars (yep, its on the plan… my bars have 60cal and 2gr of fat less than theirs)

Lunch – Teri Chicken wrap at WrapZone

WOW just checked cal/fat content online for that ‘innocent’ sm wrap… holy hanna…crazy.. so instead i will have grab a bag of lettuce, some turkey at the deli at safeway and make a salad here at work  

-almonds and fat free yogurt with brean buds

***some lrg snack or mid meal here prior to working out***

Dinner- pork chops and big salad

Green Tea at night

Gonna check in on Jilly to see how she coming along. Easter weekend was a write off for me so my official first day is today.

thx for checking in, C