if you have been around me at all in the last 18mos you are aware of how much I have been enjoying reading… an old passion re-discovered while in Africa.
so last yr when i realized that i was spending more at chapters than anywhere else (while except on scrapbooking materials), i knew i needed to find a better solution for my pocket book.

i heard rumor of this magical place that gave you books for FREE – they let you read anything you want for one month but if you need more time, you simply just need to tell them. they also have CDs, DVDs and books on tape…it’s truly magical and known as your local LIBRARY!!!

i love spy thrillers, mysteries and the like that are easy quick reads… and here are a couple of my most recent titles that i fully enjoyed.

From James Patterson’s Alex Cross’ series Mary Mary as well as Scott Pratt’s only 2 novels An innocent client and In Good Faith