Well I won’t dis-own him but…. i was shocked by my nephew on Tuesday afternoon.

A dear friend sent me my annual pack of Oreo cookies for my birthday and i was excited to share them with J. I  handed him his first Oreo and he gave it a funny look… so i said “It’s a cookie”. Naturally his eyes lit up as he took his first bite; sadly that quickly faded as he handed it back to me with his patent statement of “I don’t like it”

What..i was in shock… then instantly said.. ‘No No try it again, it’s really yummy’. Then of course, I heard those words coming out of my mouth and realized i was actually forcing him to eat a COOKIE –  ‘forcing’ or encouraging a toddler to eat food really should be reserved for broccoli, other vegetables, milk and other healthy foods good for him.  >>>So after some rethinking, i of course popped the cookie in my own mouth and called it a day.

So as stated, i won’t dis-own him over the situation but i clearly have to re-evaluate whether or not we are even related… the whole thing was quick shocking.

oh oh… and i have a lil entertaining tip… a friend surprising stopped by the other night with a bottle of wine and naturally i had lil to offer as appies in the fridge – but however did create a small miracle with some unexpected ingredients. If you enjoy Milestone’s Spicy Thai Drummettes as I do; this concoction is for you. MM Meat Shops make these breaded chicken drummettes… these ones are the larger version (i think there are a couple types) so bake them up as directed then …are you ready…pour McDonalds new Chicken Nugget Spicy Thai dipping sauce over top and I swear…you think you are enjoying a platter from Milestone’s. I totally scored with this surprise hit!! so go give it a try… but remember this sauce from McD’s was supposed to only be around during the olympic games but they all seem to have some left.

And thx for your support… believe me, i feel it!

thx for checking in, Carole