perhaps its an excuse, but its the only one i got right now. we were insane at work for the last couple weeks with the start of the Olympics and Valentine’s day; which is weird because even though we always notice a blip around the middle of February – i have never seen anything like this ‘last minute madness’  I have no time for working out or food control and management- so that being said, i have gained 3 more lbs back – yep, i can lose them alright but they always find their way home… right to my butt.

so that’s enough about the weight situation til i start losing again – hahaha so you might not hear from me for awhile.

onto more happy topics… mmmm, let’s see…shall i chat about J, Jay, JEM or my nephew… hahaha – ok let’s do all of them!

he is truly a delight and is really growing up and into his own personality – he falls down when he goes too fast and immediately states “i am OK”, he uses ‘PleaseThankyou’ as one big word whenever you ask ‘what do you say?’, and instead of the standard NO you hear from most toddlers; he prefers the entire statement of “I don’t like that”… which he uses frequently and with conviction; and because i admire a strong and committed opinion; i am fully embracing this side of him.

we are still enjoying our afternoons together… although they are getting shorter and shorter now since we pick up mom from work at 5pm.
Lately we have been going to park right across the street from my house to feed the ducks and geese… i am trying to teach him not to run after the birds since it scares them & if you don’t they will come right up and take the bread directly from your hand… so he is SSSLLLOOOWWWLLLLYYYY learning this trick>>> but he gets a lil look on his face that says ‘but auntie, it’s so fun to chase them, watch them scatter and fly away’

so that’s my story to date – still fat but also still loads in my life to be happy about.