really hoping to WATCH it go down vs the direction it has been on for the last few yrs… so far so good.

as expected, I didn’t finish the cleanse. it was THAT certain week of the month and it was very hard on my system to try and have both going on at the same time; so i stopped after 3.5days but it wasn’t really that hard. Oh except for the second day when i had a pumping headache for the afternoon and was pretty snappish & short tempered -oops, sorry about that Claudia; oh and the chick at the Watermania that looked at J & me funny. (i don’t believe she will be giving anyone else THAT look for awhile)
I am blaming the cleanse but really it could’ve just been me… Mom seems to feel that i may be ‘peri’ menopausal because of my snappish-ness (she thinks its getting worse) ooohhhhh what a joy it was to get THAT news…i tried to explain that i have always been like this… oh well!!!

so good news is that i am down 13lbs since the doctors BIG diagnosis – well, as of Monday -now it’s only about 10lbs so i only have about another 40 to go and then i should be a ‘joyful, sweet, kind, fit, although peri-menopausal 42yr old’… SHOULD BE, i said, but don’t hold your breathe.

fingers crossed.

need all the support i can get right now but if we go to a movie or dinner or something DO NOT judge me or even say anything if i get popcorn with butter or a glass of wine or anything else; because I have more than likely spend 3-8hrs convincing myself that it is OK to do and have probably starved myself for most of the day – so for your own safety, i STRONGLY recommend DO NOT say anything to me :)…deal???

Thanks for checking in, lots of love, C