i could waste both of our time rehashing all the FAB stuff that has happened since my last post which YES was way too long ago… oh, and could list a huge ton of excuses of my lack of posting … but truly, who cares why, what, when, and blah blah… let’s start fresh.

So here we are in 2010 and i am FAT…not chubby, slightly over weight – but FAT in its truest form and got a MASSIVE wakeup call about ‘said fat-ness’ at the beginning of January so i need to do something about it.

but instead of starting a diet in January like the rest of the planet, i started my new plan and life today FEB1st. you see Jan just doesn’t work for me; i am still indulging on my mom’s delicious baked goods and because i don’t see friends etc for the holiday season due to work, we usually get together in Jan (which was even later this yr as my mom was visiting til mid-jan) so there have been loads of nights out and dinner/beverages etc in the last couple weeks therefore leaving February 1st to my BIG resolution date!

-the perfect time to start a new path… i started a cleanse to get alot of ca-ca (literally and figuratively) out of my system. It has not been an easy path to start down… all liquid cleanse with supplements such as psyllium husks, aloe vera extract, etc… all yucky but yes, feasible. I mean, I knew its wasn’t gonna be french toast and McDonald’s fries but this stuff is just ‘gag worthy’ but for JUST 6days.

I should be able to do anything for SIX days…right???

so as best i can, i will keep you posted on the ups and DOWNS and poundage gone bye bye. forever and ever….

wish me luck – i will need it as well as your support.

Thx for checking in.