Well its been awhile since i have given you a FULL update and if you know me at all… almost daily some ‘event’ of some sort happens and needs commenting on.

So here goes…

ok yes its true last Monday, i gave myself a paper cut… no big deal you say… well, the big deal was because it was on my eye ball. Yep I am abitof a freak… who cuts their eyeball with a piece of paper… yep, that’s right, ME!! 
I quickly pulledan order form out of  the organizer which is at eye level, and it must’ve been gotten stuck cuz i had to turn to look at the stack of paper and pulled again at the same time and somehow it whipped out and cut me. OOOHHH the agony, instant pain. didn’t think to look in the mirror right away as i was concentrating on taking the customer’s order on the phone while keeping my hand over my eye that was tearing up.

Once home i took a good look and noticed a big blob of blood right beside my pupil… looked brutal. decided to wait til the AM to take another look and make the judgement call whether or not i should go to the doc’s… also wasn’t quite sure how or what to say to MOM. 
of course, the slightest and most casual of comment to my mom, brought on a quick… ‘go to the clinic now’ diagnosis from 5000 miles away… wow, nothing wrong with her eye-sight… hahaha, mom’s will be mom’s.

even though i have always listened to my mommy, the line up at the clinic was insane so decided to go to the closest pharmacist counter and get their opinion instead.
as suspected right away, i was told yes i should’ve gone to the doc’s immediately. she did seem impressed that i handled the pain without any drugs… clearly, this chickee doesn’t know me too well
But i was given a full breakdown on the colour of eye discharge i was to watch for and take note off. disgusting!!! but of course, this would tell them how bad the infection was and if left untreated could lead to BLINDNESS> no joke.

(update is that i am fine and the blood around my pupil was almost totally gone by Friday… sight doesn’t seem to be affected and NO discharge… good news)

Prize Stash - what a lovely surprisenow for the shocking news… the day before my birthday last month, i WON a cool contest with Simple Scrapbooks magazine… and got an awesome stash of prizes. Both Clean & Simple technique books, a magnetic precision cutting mat (which you can always use), a corked ruler (which i was gonna to buy just the previous weekend but was insulted that Michael’s wanted $12 for a friggin ruler), and the super awesome last prize was the latest version of PSE. (which again i was needing to purchase…and waiting til April 5th to use acostco coupon that i just rec’d in the mail 2 weeks prior) can you believe it?? these prizes just saved me close to hundred bucks!! Awesome surprise b-day gift.


sad news- i just found out last week that my favourite scrap store on the planet is closing. Clipper Strret in RMD has decided not to renew their lease and i am very upset about it. of course, their other locations are fine but they are in coquitlam & langley…way too far… for a quick stop-by of  ‘scrap distraction and therapy’ which i gotta say… i need quite often… it is not even 5min from my new office & only 10min from home.  15min of chatting with those uber talented ladies and seeing some of the newest released papers and goodies is all i need to take me ‘out of my own head’… it has been the best distraction during the last couple christmas seasons. 

this just SUCKS…


oh and here’s some mindless TV updates… DWTS results show was tonight, i am lovin’ chuck and julianne but of course, cheryl with always be my fav and that makes it easy this yr with her partner Gilles; Rascal Flatts performed and were fabulous and then there was a number with Carmen Electra… yep, gotta say the girl is packing it on (either it was a poor wardrobe choice or she has had one too many timbits) and 24 last night was FAB naturally. Not sure how i feel about Kim being back – never really liked her.. and can’t be sure cuz i had to run and pee but think i heard that she’s a trader in the prelude to next week’s show… see, knew i didn’t like her.
Also Big Bang was really cute and loaded with giggles.

hugs all round, C