well, there is a title i never would have considered before.

Had a ‘situation’ with the car yesterday, after a small ‘reversing’ episode on a hill in town, the engine started to overheat and emit this awful smell. So i parked her, walked out to the closest main street and got home as quickly as possible to grab my bike… cuz you know, i need ‘wheels’. So biked to the office, to prep 4 baskets to go, then found out my courier won’t be able to deliver me a package that i needed til the end of the day so i had to ride down to their warehouse to pick it up myself  (for you locals… my office is at 5Rd & Steveston Hwy and their warehouse is at the end of 3Rd and Bridgeport… not around the corner) then back to my office to prep another gift, pack it for shipping then had to take the shipping box on my handler bars to the Postal Outlet… OMG, its was between 35-40km biked in a 4hr period… yes, i know NOT impossible but a HUGE stretch for someone that normally does NOTHING, while trying to run the office normally, taking calls, preparing gift baskets, etc… it was an intense few hours.

But at the end of the day, my thighs carried me through… and didn’t complain very much at all… my butt was another story, ouch very sore getting on and off the bike.  I give my legs or ‘dimpled tree trunks’ as i refer to them, alot of grief normally, i am not happy with their size, appearance, etc… but WOW how amazing is it, that when i needed them to ‘be there’ for me, they handled the day effortlessly for the most part… gotta say, make me think twice about what i complain about.

and after all THAT yesterday, I never heard back from the garage and still didn’t have pick up of my car taken care… uugghhh, i just needed a long bath and good sleep. Guess i will deal with it all first thing today.

Signing off for the morning, hopefully this one is less eventful,