look what happens when you start focusing on the positives.
today because i wasn’t slammed with orders, i was able to take a last minute order for a gentleman 90th birthday and was so excited to be a small part of this incredible milestone celebration.

Also i had the time to run down to the Point and pick up my niece’s birthday gifts. i had to order one part from Macy’s in NewYork (do you believe it?) cuz i couldn’t find what i wanted any closer and the other part from California… hhhmmm, wonder where THAT was from.
I was delighted that each gift made it in time for her Bday cuz my original gift ‘plan’ is taking much more time than anticipated. pphheewww, when all else fails go online and buy the gift she REALLY wants vs something creative you came up with.
And as a wonderful coincidence, my recent books from Snapfish and Shutterfly were ready for pick up. So EXCITED!!

See… what started as a rough week, has turned out pretty fab.
Its all where you focus, tell ya!
Big Smiles, C