Ok, i am not gonna lie to you – things have gotten alil slow at work. with all the doom & gloom thru the media- i, of course, am (was) getting alil worried.

BUT then>>> i realized what an incredible GIFT this is and am CHOOSING to focus on that. i haven’t had this much time on my hands in years, it seems, and yesterday I realized what a true blessing it is.

If i was traditionally busy, as i have been, i never would have had the wonderful opportunity  to help my brother move into his place. He & his wife have just  purchased their first property and i couldn’t be happier for them.
Honestly i felt so privileged to be part of this very special time in their lives, even if it was for just a few brief hours.
Claudia was giddy with excitement & Eric was naturally exhausted by the end of the day – but after everything was said and done, i know they will be very happy in their gorgeous new home. 

Big sister naturally had camera in tow and here are some pics.

Moving van at the front door







the happy tired couple in their new living room







Playground for the babe


Also this time has given me many more chances to do what i LOVE… and that means scrap-booking.  some of my most recent layouts to be posted shortly –

Cheers for now, c