Since i started this new hobby of scrapbooking and then digi scrapping and then becoming engulfed with photography and photographing everything in my life, my appreciation for the preservation of memories and ‘moments’ is at a whole new level, but i am very grateful that i have always been a ‘picture taker’ and am enjoying the path of becoming a ‘photographer’.

So when asked by my favourite digi scrap instructor, Jessica Sprague on her blog  …What is one of your very FAVORITE photos of a person that you’ve ever taken? Describe it, or better yet, post it and add the link here, and then tell me what it is about the pic that makes your heart sing.

I knew instantly which one… – from my picture taking days…hahaha

I love love love this photo of my mom. A woman i respect, admire and appreciate  everyday… every sacrifice and bump in the road she had to deal with; allowed my brother and i grow into the people we are today, i will forever be grateful.

My MOMTo me, this is the most ‘telling’ photo i have ever had of my mom. She was about to show one of her dogs in a show in Washington state. She was nervous, of course; being from Canada for 1, being from the East Coast for another and the uncertainty of the day & competition added abit more concern.
But unlike her over-the-top, in-your-face, boisterous daughter, my mother has a quiet confidence that exudes from within… and in my eyes, as she was peering out to the other dogs & their handlers (her competition for the weekend) this photo represents all of it. 

(As a side note, naturally Libby(her dog) took best of winners bitch and received her American Championship that weekend) As always, MOM knew best.  
Sadly though the registration paperwork was received a day late and Mom had to return the ‘title’ and it was given to the 2nd place – but in our hearts we know who WON and since then Libby has earned her AKC Championship …again!