So the Groundhog Day start was rough – actually that day, i was good – but have been very bad since. oh well, whats a girl to do.  Today i am recommiting… truly, who am i kidding, i loathe commitment- so let’s just say, i will give it a go.

Started off well this AM, had a couple eggs (no toast… shocking, i know, but again to be honest; no bread in the house made that easier), went to ‘bucks, got my Chai and NO treats but got to work and all ‘h$%%’ broke loose – forgot that i had a box of TimBits left over from yesterday (inhaled them), had some truffles left over from the weekend-shovelled them down and now its only 1130am and i am wondering what to do for lunch. uugghh…

Ok, just off the phone with Doris – she is such a bright light and source of joy so now i am newly ‘committed’ again- really need a new word?? suggestions??

gonna have popcorn cakes and humus for lunch – mmmm yummy – aren’t you jealous, then a slim fast shake for 3pm-ish and then head to FW for a 430pm class… sounds like a great plan, don’t ya think?

Also just finished my 2008 Shutterfly book… again its one full of photos that mean a ton to me and might not make sense to someone else… however i LOVE this book. take a look-sie here … sadly i forgot my most favorite picture for it but have already uploaded my photo to Costco to print out and then will glue it inside the book upon its arrival in a couple weeks.

thx for checking in & listening to another ‘post’ of babble,
hope you are well,
hugs, C