So i head into the last weekend before GroundHog Day – which is the start day for all my physical & diet resolutions…, excited to be to going out tonight with a few friends for pasta and wine – will it be my last plate of pleasurable pasta and my favorite pinot?? not ‘bloody’ likely…hahaha
Let’s just say there won’t be as many though.

As far as the others go- here’s the quick recap –
-work out 4-5 days a week to feel healthy
-80% of food consumed each day will be good for me -that means more ruffage & less butter…hahaha
-do the Harrison Triathalon (hoepfully with a couple friends…Jilly, SHELL … Earl… anybody??/ ) hahaha
-80% of the time my apt will be ready to receive guests at a moments notice
               **-doing really well on this one, as I had last Sunday off and was able to make a HUGE dent in the Craft Room to the point where you can actaully SEE the carpet – HUGE i tell ya

-complete Project 365 with a beautiful Shutterfly book for next January
            **-keeping up with it but have reached a bit of a plateau and getting alil bored with it. Need a different prospective and perhaps a different creative outlet with it. hhmmm
-learn or experience a new skill or ‘act’ every month – yes, it’s the same goal every year, but every yr it’s one of my most favorite things
              **-set up my new Cricut machine and learning to use it & the Design Studio – it has loads of potential and I am really excited about it
-have at least 3 scrapbook pages published- just putting it out there )
                 **-i actually have already submitted 2 pages to CK but sadly haven’t heard anything…. i think i may have been turned down – can you imagine??

-spend LOTS of time with my family… gotta add the easy ones to your list too, right??
                  **-seeing J still every Thursday – or as often as possible, which is spectacular

-have a SPA day (or at least, just ONE service) quarterly
            **-went at the beginning of the month, Doris and I have a Spa day booked for next week and have my get Stoned package booked for the Friday of my birthday week in March… oh was it supposed to be one Spa day a quater – or a MONTH>> hahaha…

-read at least 6 new books this year… the Africa trip re-ignited my love for reading fiction vs business or self-help books
           **-have already finished 3 books since Oct, and for me that is ridiculously good esp since we know i didn’t pick up a book during the Christmas season

-stop & acknowledge the ‘Secret’ gifts in everyday
                      **-trying to use the Secret skills for Jill and Mike’s new pad… fingers crossed then releasing it, guys

-make dinner at home at 4nights a week vs take out or dinners out w/ friends every night
                       ** – been SOOOOOOOO good with this and bought a bunch of groceries today to help keep the pattern going.

-and again all athletic and physical ones will be started next week. Keep your fingers crossed for me… gonna need all the help i can get.

Big smile, Cee

A Safeway Friend stopped by the store today with her gorgeous baby – isn’t this face screaming to be ‘scrapped’ – OMG a new subject!! yippee

Isn't she adorable??

Isn't she adorable??