even though of course, i start thinking and making plans for them (resolutions or goals) at the first of the year, as most do… however Jan 1 truly doesn’t work for me, the reasons are multi-faceted. the most important and most ‘carole-like’ reason is because my mommy sends me a large package of her home made baking every Christmas (naniamo bars, shortbread, my marshmallow burrito, my special ranger cookies,etc) … see Holiday Scrap Page below… and well, i am not finished eating it ALL by Jan 1, and nine times outta 10, one of my goals is to lose weight – and most weight lose programs start by saying – Go into your kitchen and throw out everything bad for you.

Well, you are seriously mistaken if you think i would EVER throw away even a crumble of my mother’s baking…she is a spectacular cook and baker… actually every Christmas, both my brother are I say “No, we don’t want any presents… just send baking” and then she kindly emails us both for our seasonal ‘requests’ so she can start baking.
…sorry, as usual i got off track… as I do easily esp when discussing my mom.

Back to my resolution chat, … my original plan was to keep them to myself as I really don’t need to have people asking me about them or checking up on their progress etc… but i figure what the heck. Perhaps putting them out into the universe might give them an extra push – that may be needed on those mornings when i reallllllllllllly don’t want to work out, on those afternoons, when i reallllllllllly need a Skor bar, on those days when i make an excuse to NOT get together with friends or business colleagues cuz i feel too fat to go out, those days (weeks) that i am just simply too lazy to clean my apt & justifying that its just easier to walk over the piles of clothes and/or just buy new ones then to do laundry.

So my resolutions for 2009 which i will begin on GroundHog Day (brilliant idea from my dear friend, Doris) are as follows –
-work out 4-5 days a week to feel healthy
-80% of food consumed each day will be good for me -that means more ruffage & less butter…hahaha
-80% of the time my apt will be ready to receive guests at a moments notice (oh… that’s HUGE… feel the pain of that one already)
-complete Project 365 with a beautiful Shutterfly book for next January
-learn or experience a new skill or ‘act’ every month – yes, it’s the same goal every year, but every yr it’s one of my most favorite things
-have at least 3 scrapbook pages published- just putting it out there 🙂
-spend LOTS of time with my family… gotta add the easy ones to your list too, right??
-have a SPA day (or at least, just ONE service) quarterly
-read at least 6 new books this year… the Africa trip re-ignited my love for reading fiction vs business or self-help books
-stop & acknowledge the ‘Secret’ gifts in everyday… like today, i went ot use my McD’s coupon and the girl said it was her last day so she was giving random people FREE lunches… yeah, perhaps I could find something deeper and more meaningful, but hey, to me it was a lil unexpected gift
-make dinner at home at 4nights a week vs take out or dinners out w/ friends every night

I guess thats a good start with more to come later.

thx for letting me share an insight into my next 11mos and wish me luck , and let me know some of your plans for the year.
Big hugs, Carole

My Favourite Holiday Tradition