Ok, so i know that you are supposed to remain somewhat humble when your ‘work’ is recognized … but hey, that clearly would NOT be me. Shuterfly PICKED our ABC book as a Feature Book!! yippee!!!!

I designed and created a couple small ‘coffee table’ books, and gotta say they are pretty amazing.

First one is very basic and is titled ‘my ABC’s of Africa’. A variety of wildlife as well as addt’l shots that helped with some letters where i didn’t have an animal to represent the letter. Its had over 700 views and people have left some really sweet comments… and yes, most of them are from my dear kind friends  ..so thank you for your support.. but some are from complete strangers.

the second is where i tried to get creative – oh lordy, stop me now – its more chronological of the trip with some text & journalling. In my mind, it is much nicer… but had to get them to reprint it as it was cropped a touch too tight. (this was the FREEBIE coupon from Oprah so that is why their production is a touch off I’m sure).

My GF Jill just did a book for her family -specifically for her MOM – and it was over a 100pages long, full of stories and old photos, took over 2 yrs to complete but was truly a labour of love. I saw a brief preview and was blown away.. and of course, as suspected as was her mother and ENTIRE family. Something they will all treasure it forever!!

If you have ever considered doing a Memory Book (of a great trip), Fabulous year (I am doing one for my 40th Yr), and fun Birthday Celebration (like the one I did fo Julian’s first b-day), etc… check out shutterfly.com, snapfish.com and ArtsCow.com… whom i will be trying next.

Hugs to all, Carole