even though i was crazy in love with last year, i am totally prepared to embrace 09. 

as usual, i have a new ‘list of to do’s’ – I have another amazing adventure trip planned, have signed up for a couple new digi scrap classes, have signed up for a ridiculous year-long project called 365- and am excitedly nervous about it, am scheduling more time with friends & family and continuing to make my FUN TIME (or down time) a priority again this year… cuz it was so much fun last year adn the biz didn’t sacrifice the way i had feared it would.

of course,  a new year – esp one following this last one – brings some trepedetion as well. i’d be an idiot if i wasn’t alil worried about how the current economuy will affect my biz, but then i am aslo seeing it as an opportunity to re-engage in parts of the biz i had forgotten about i.e. marketign and networking especially. in the last few years, i had really let it all go – i was too busy to network, hahaha… this is all very sad to me as i used LOVE it… used to LOVE going to events, seeing people, meeting people and developing marketing plans and opportunities for PC. Sooooo, on my to do list is a variety of marketing & networking ideas for the biz and i am very excited about this opportunity to reconnect with that part of me and my biz.

so i now say bring on 2009, and i trying believe that it will be as spectacular as i sense it will be. Here’s to the next 360days filled wih fun, friends, family, first time adventures, food and a fit bod!