yes, i know many, many people esp. my pals to the south are counting to the minutes to the New Year and everything it is going to bring them and the rest of the planet.

However, this is my blog and well, its about ME right now.

2008 was one of the best years of my life and i LOVEDDDDDDDDDDDDD every minute… yep even those ones, thk goodness, there wasn’t very many at all.

so here on the eve of the eve, i prepare to head to the island to see Tee & Vee and contemplate what 2009 will bring. I am an insane goal setter, writer, re-writer, planner and list maker… so clearly Jan 1st is one of my favorite days of the year since it is ‘THE goal setting’ day of the year when people openly discuss their desires and plans for the next 12mos. ya, ya, they call them ‘resolutions’… however, they really are just dreams, desires and hopes…. see, GOALS!! So its a day that i spend a good amount of time reviewing my master list as well as preparing one specifically for the New Year.

So here are a couple of mine- instead of saying Lose Weight AGAIN this year, i plan to be more Active; i plan to Scrap More- when you find something that gives you this much pleasure- why not do it more; it might not be the Wine & Cooking tour in Tuscany this year, but i plan on taking another great adventure trip; and the list goes…

2009 Goals Page

oooooohh speaking of scrapping, i thought i should post a couple layouts from the last 6mos.

Mother & Daughter on the shoreline

Vee was a stunner even as a babe!

Vee was a stunner even as a babe!

will add a couple more tomorrow before leaving.

Have a great night and chat later, C