of course, the wildlife was the main focus of my trip and is pretty much all i have spoken about since returning home but one thing hit me this morning when reviewing the trip with a friend… they were certain products that made it even more enjoyable. Honestly without these items, it truly would not have been as amazing as it was.

so here`s a lil ‘shout out’ to some of my favourite things –

First and foremost is my new Canon SLR camera and its telephoto lens…i couldn`t be happier with my pictures. the quality of the shots are spectacular… at least the ones when i am holding the camera still, are really good 🙂
It captured all my magical memories perfectly.

Smirnoff Vodka… yep, that`s right SMIRNOFF. this was abit of a ‘growing’ experience becasue unbeknowst to me, prior to the trip, i think i may have been abit of a ‘vodka snob’. I only have Grey Goose in my home, always order it when out but will ‘settle’for Stoli, if `grey`wasn`t available. And god forbid if neither if these were available, i would simply go without versus drinking ABS(olut) or Smirnoff.   

But you know what… when you are in the middle of the jungle and mixing it with orange fanta pop… truthfully, who cares what brand it is… and night after night, it served ‘its purpose’ perfectly and even its patented burn as you swallow became pleasant as the trip continued 🙂

YOTEL. i never thought i would be the type of girl to rent a hotel room by the hour but apparently i am… and delighted to share my tale with you.
if you ever have an extended lay-over or unexpected delay btwn flights going thru gatwick, amsterdam or heathrow, you must check out YOTEL!!

it`s a hotel attached to the airport with rooms you can rent by the hour (4hr min) that have full beds, bathrooms with showers, TVs etc… Everything you need to rest n refreshen.
the rooms are very contemporary & modern as well as being very reasonable. I HIGHLY recommend it.

COOKED HAM… that`s right, that gross square processed luncheon meat, that prior to this trip, I won`t be caught dead eating. but when there is no honey-roasted or black forest thinly shaved ham to be found for miles & it is all you are offered as protein for lunch everyday for 17 days… you learn to embrace this square ‘bundle of joy’ as a new gourmet treasure.
OMG… was I a ‘ham snob’ too!!!!!

and finally GERM MD…have you heard of AirShield …the vitamin and mineral shield. An orange effervescent filled with ginseng, vitamins & minerals you plop in a glass of water to give yourself an extra boost of ‘protection’ when you think you may be susceptible to ‘something’ air borne or your system is compromised. they were amazing to have along!!  

as always just my thoughts and desire to share,

Hugs, C