since i have a few moments on my own now,  i am overwhelmed with thoughts and reflections of the last 3weeks… wow what a ride.

i think when you are in the heat of everything you are not as aware as you are when you have space to breathe and review… so that’s what today is for a pedicure cuz my feet are beyond disgusting after being in flip flops thru 4 jungles, a couple forests, 2 dry dusting nature parks… and more. yuck!! 

yes, i should be brutally angry with Kenya Air for F&%^ing up AGAIN and cancelling my flight and leaving me stranded in a foreign country for 2 extra days but you know what … i am in AFRICA and truly loving every second of it. So i will give it another try with the airline today and if it doesn’t work i will just sit back and enjoy the twist of events.

africa is everything i had hoped and dreamed it would be – wonderful sunshine 85% of the time, incredible people that are so gracious and genuinely want to help and make you happy (whose english language skills are amazing in most places), the children are beautiful and so happy … really the only surprise may have been the landscape – it isn’t as dry and desolete (sp??) as i assumed – most of the countries i visited were very lush like home and was rich with agriculture and crops a plenty and the adventure was exactly what i hoped it would be…pushed my limits a wee bit but mostly just fulfilled the dream.

oops getting to the end of today’s online quota so will have to go …love to you all and see you at the end of the week …will be back online soon. gonna try to post some pics to flickr or something/ ….the key word is TRY!!!