internet is hit or miss and most lodges and campsites in the game parks don’t have access.

also wasn’t able to post any pics because of the card readers are compatible – but you know that you will be bombarded with them when i get home.

also auntie carol – your words finally came thru, thx so much for your unconditional support and love and for everyone for the updates on your lives – as i have been dying to catch up with you all and hear the latest with you.
MR-so sorry to hear your news- sending you a big big hug and will continue to keep my fingers crossed 

After the equator, we went to Jinga ( ithink) to white water raft the Nile – started at the source of the nile, past the momument where they have ghandi’s ashes then into some amazing rapids… it is ranked the No 1 Class 5 rapid river in teh World – and clearly i survived!! what an incredible experience – i have very hppy to see that safety was their number 1 priority with many safety boats and canoes going down the river with each raft  – they were there ready to quickly grab anyone that fell out of the boat – and loads did… i only did once when our guide thought he’d be cute and flipped the entire raft over. a couple times i purposely jumped out of the boat on the flat spots and just swam along side of the raft in the amazingly warm water. (which is very special to me cuz swim in teh nile was number 2 on my life goal list – so now i can scratch off the number 1 and 2 items) The official Nile is egypt is completely infected with everything under the sun so that woudl never be possible to swim in but what could be better then swimming at the SOURCE of it all.
Then big party at the pub that night – lots of other tour groups were at the same place so it was a great time. lil drinkin lil dancin  – ok loads of both… alcohol is insanely cheap and have enjoyed some great south african reds while here… sorry side line story… ok back on path…

then the following few days were at Lake Nakuru where we saw our first BIG GAME – so exciting… actually ‘lil game’ met us for lunch when we stopped briefly just inside the gate of the national park – very playful vervet monkeys with some babies. i of course wanted to feed them and was reminded repeatedly that they are wild animals and it is prohibited… actually i have had to be reminded repeatedly throughtout the entire trip as i keep trying the sneak food to anything on four legs… never could help that.

-just changed computers and am gonna try to upload a pic… akenwell that sucks… takes forever….sorry – many many to come, have already taken over 1100 -ridiculous i know.

almost 400 on teh gorillas, this AM we saw the most beautiful scene with a male loin searching for his pride- we followed him til he and WE found them with their cubs and 2 fresh kills (2 wildebeests) they made for him… again 475 pics… in btwn all the snapping though, i always find a few moments to turn off the camera and just sit in wonder of where i am, how the heck this happened, how blessed i am and how incredibly beautiful the whole scene is or was… as i watched it all from perhaps 20feet away i got teary because this is all i have ever wanted to witness, it truly moved me. last night we stopped and watched – from further away of course, a herd of elephants move across the plain and the 2 teenagers in the group, play like typical teenagers do – they were playing tug a war with their trunks, then one would back up and stand on his head as if to say ‘now show me what you can do’ this back and forth scenario went on for ages and we got to sit in the truck and watch it all (of course, me with my zoom lense i was really watching it close)… the whole time though their family was moving across the plain and at one point when they got further away, the 2 kids would realize it and run after them for a bit to catch up then start in playing again… too sweet!!

so more big news to come- kenya air has cancelled my flight home so has forced me to stay another night- i am happy and angry at the same time. more details to come- missing you all!!! time running out so no time to proof read again – sorryy!!!!!!!!!!!!