well it was a touch anti-climatic as it was pouring and you know me, i don’t care one way or another about the weather but i truly thought the sky was falling and it was!!!

so sadly no photo ops and didn’t get see the water demo – can’t remeber what it’s called but where the water swirls down a drain one way on one side of the equator and swirls the other way on the other side – freaking and cool….apparently…

ok, let’s cover the basics… FOOD – been OK, actually pretty darn good – i did have one night where i didn’t eat a thing for dinner as it chicken curry and peanut butter satay vegetables… but this AM for breakie was french toast – in heaven i tell ya!! No Bangers & Mash yet… beef and rice stir fry tonight

accommodations – have been up and down, last night was a beautiful tree top safari tent – permanent canvas walk-in tent…lovely, tonight is an interesting hut type thing… all have beds, Thank goodness. I haven’t been in sleeping bag once….phew

tour peeps  – the staff is amazing, tour leader is spectacular and other 2 are really nice guys. my fellow trekkers are all wonderful – all English, except 2 Scotts and a couple from Ontario. My bunk mate is Emma and she is so sweet. Of course, the Canadian is much louder than they expected and sometimes they don’t know how to react and take it – but its all good fun. – loads more to come on them all later…

all are couples except Emma and me, another pair of girls and 2 pairs of boys… and to answer the next question – hhhmmm, NO not even a lil…

Transport – well, silly me for not remembering my own car sickness rule but the first day was really rough… most of the time the big side windows on the truck are wide open for viewing but if we go thru on unsavoury city then we close them or when God is throwing out buckets of water. 🙂 So ya, the back of the truck hasn’t been fun for me but one of the boys just got back from sailing in the French Riv for 3 mos ( I know, i know) and had seas sick pills so took one for the last couple days and have been fine since… i mean, i am not reading or anything but not heaving either.

Today we saw our first actual by the road WILDLIFE… zebras and gazelle grazing.. well, of course, when i saw then i screamed so loud i scared them and many took off – i felt so bad but i was so excited.

also one of the emma’s and i spend alot of the day looking up all the birds we saw in my East Africa Wildlife book… yep just as you said, great idea to bring it along. we are ticking them off and writing the country we see them in… well, technically she is cuz i can’t write in a moving van either.

ok time running out… off to the Chimp Sanctuary on Gamba Island tomorrow and will write soon.

-oops, forgot showers – yep, on purpose – we aren’t discussing it… hahaha LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!