been in the jungle with the gorillas for the last few days and am sorry i haven’t been in touch. this is the most amazing adventure. i couldn’t have dream it would be as incredible. Rwanda is very special. many more details to follow.

the giraffe manor in kenya was a dream come true – i felt blessed from the moment i arrived as i was greeted by a beautifully gentle rothschild giraffe and glass of chardonnay – lots of stories to come from those few days – and yes, Sandy, remember we discussed whether the cost would be worth it – OMG, every single penny!! –

went to an elephant opranage – Mom you wouldve been a mess – they were all so special and so sweet – one lil baby ellie came out of the forest with the rest of them and came right up to me and as i bend down to get a look at her – she wrapped her truck around my arm, drew my hand into her mouth and started stuckly my fingers OMG – well, naturally i fell in love right away and inquired about the adoption process.

Sujuta is a 4mos old, that is very dehydrated and they have had her for 2 weeks only… and are working hard to get her health up!! Can’t wait to share all her pictures…

this cafe is really rustic and the connection isn’t great but here goes…

poop – i tried to download a couple pics and it didn’t work – sorry!! they are coming though – got some fab images – so happy i got the new camera