good morning – cant tell you how blessed i feel to be waking up this AM in rwanda –  i arrived at the small airport in nairobi yesterday to be told at check in that my flight for kigali is already full and i woudl have to look at other arrangements  – WHAT?? was my reaction. they downsized the plane and well, it was full now. so of course, my frst reaction was to text my MOM, vent alil and geet some reassuring words from her… have needeed them many times during the trip already – thx Mom and thanks to rogers too for the ease of texting in africa.

so back to the drama, i go to a sales office, which is crowded with people that have been dumped… they have now mustly been placed on teh next flight at 6pm, which i have been informed in now full as well. yes, as you can imagiane i am startign to freak out inside, externally trying not to lose it but, must be honest, i was hovering on the edge. you see, i have to meet my group in the city then first thing tomorrow (today) we are taking off for the jungle… so panic is really setting in.

i have now been told that the best they can offer is a flight to Entebbe (uganda) then ‘perhaps’ a connector to kigali ‘maybe’ tomorrow for an addtl $300… so as i am sure you can imagine …in my mind, i am quickly trying to analyse the best way to deal with this… do i lose it on the ticket guy in front of me (but as a longtime cashier, i know it serves no purpose yelling at someone who doesn’t make the rules), do i sob like a baby in hope of pity, do i rationalize… well, you know me, i did all of the above and MORE, but of course, demanded a supervisor first!!

after much drama, much back and forth debate, which (as we know) he had no hope of winning, they surprisingly found me a s pot on that ‘full’ flight at 6pm.

So here i am in rwanda… missed dinner and meet n greet with the group – lil upset about that BUT big picture is that i am estatic to be here.

will be a hard day today as we are planning to visit the Genocide Museum and Memorial… really want to pay my respect but know it will be hard on the heart… as has all the poverty and desparation i have already seen. (VERY eye opening… even though i was somewhat prepared for it)

will check in when i can… and TAM< there were a few times i needed your strength yesterday, as i know how brilliant you are at talking your way thru just about anythign and eventually getting what you want… so believe me, i was challenging you all the way!!