very painful computer so this will be quick. space bar doesn’t work well uugghh

-lil drama in the AM prior to take off but as my family reminded me, it won’t be any other way when it  comes to our worlds-

flights were what i expected …lonnnnnnnnnnng… but not half as painful. klm was great- free booze equally exciting, food was basic, people beside me on both flights were nice… first was Andre, from the ukraine very sweet and thought i was hilarious(so, his brillaint judgement made him much more favourable in my books) then madelaine, alil older equally nice… slept alot- which was great but she was full of photography advice so we chatted alot.

on the flight, i saw the most beautiful sun rise over Dublin then continued to scotland etc… gorgeous the way the green jumped off the land as the sun swept across it…

arrived in kenya last night, very long wait in visa line up, but my bag was on the belt when i got down there and when exitting (2 t’s…you knows) the terminal, my ‘driver’ from the Hilton was there with my name on a sign just waiting for me… very fancy and i was very grateful after a long couple daysof travelling.

was abit overwhelmed in the shuttle bus back to the hotel once it really hit me that i was actually in AFRICA so had a bit of a meltdown which i am sure was quite concerning to the driver and luggage guy… cdn chick crying for no apparent reason in their back seat…sure, they wondered.

beautiful hotel… lobby etc… rooms are small and basic but truly perfect… bed, check; bathroom, check; tv, check…yep, i will be just fine here.

fell asleep immediately at 9pm, wide awake at 2am (5hrs sleep just like home, so couldn’t blame my body for being awake) watched a movie ( thx so much eric for all the entertainment… side note… i asked my brother to get me a couple songs for my ipod… what does he do but get me the entire album of the artist as well and a batch of extras he knew i would love…and do THX so much Eric!!!!) so watched the movie,took a long hot bath, still wide awake…repacked my bag… 430am now and still up so then i pulled out the trusty meditation playlist on my ipod (jilly, you know the one that we aren’t supposed to sleep to…yep that one) and was OUT til 7am

went down for the buffet( iknow, iknowbut i can’t turn down a buffet) for breakie… it was good. great fresh fruit, pastries, all bran and yogurt (good girl eh!?) omelette and some beef bacon- just like beef jerky thatisn’t fully smoked or dry… tasty

all the people i have encountered are amazing… i will not know how to open my own door upon return home… they let you do NOTHING… so gracious and polite and stunningly beautiful…everyone.

getting the hang of being on my own – kind of weird but fun at the same time-

off to explore abit prior to the Giraffe Manor coming to get me… hopefully i can get access later.

BIG BIG HUGS all around and loads of love, C