Leave Wednesday Am, arrive in Nairobi Thursday PM
-staying at the Hilton in Nairobi first night – to climatize slowly to the new culture :
-picked up by the Giraffe Manor & Conservatory and stay with them for 2 nights.

Fly down to Kigali, Rwanda to meet up with the tour …this is where we will venture from to do
the gorilla trek. I am doing a few extra days trekking and will be staying at a hotel downtown (apparently)
and then meet up with my group later in the week… they are only doing one day with the gorillas

As the tour continues, we will cross the equator a couple times on game drives and ‘hopefully’ go white water rafting on the Nile while making our way to Kenya and the Masaii Mara to see the Big Five – but between you and i, i really really want to see them prior to that…even a sneak peek would be great.
When the tour finishes up at the Mara after a few days, i will be staying in Nairobi – again at the Hilton for a couple extra days.

Then homeward bound. See you all then!!!!!