As you know, i am a HUGGGGGGGGE movie fan… so i was looking forward to seeing Dark Knight after all the hype it was getting. 

I am deeply disappointed that i added my ten bucks on its path to surpass my all time favorite movie, Star Wars – it doesn’t deserve to be anywhere near that level. 

The movie wasn’t good – yes, the special effects were fabulous and it needs to be said that yes, definitely Heath Ledger was spectacular but one actor’s part CAN NOT carry a whole movie. (morgan freeman and michael cain, of course, were wonderful too but their parts are so small, they couldn’t save this flick for me)

Batman’s voice was ridiculous (i mean, they could change tom cruise’s voice to match someone else’s in the MI movies so clearly we would’ve believed batman using some type of technology to properly adjust his voice… man, it was bad); Harvey Dent’s obsession with that stupid coin was annoying and the big overacted monologues were very irritating especially the one in the end as Batman runs off (just awful) … if these components were merely backdrops to a fabulous movie, you might be able to let them go BUT they seemed to stand out glaringly.

Positive for the night – popcorn with real butter was AMAZING as was the company and thank goodness, that is all that matters.

ok, off my box… thx for listening.

Smiles, C