so this weekend i realized that i leave in a month, and gotta be honest… felt my first burst of excitement. prior to this, i have been sooooo focused on the details… connector flights, arranging hotels before and after the safari, booking extra gorilla permits, and ALL the crapola i need to get as well. AS you know, i am NOT a camper, except for my recent lack of HOT WATER situation at home, so i have NO equipment  for this type of trip.

here’s a lil picture from the Giraffe Manor and link.

Breakfast at Giraffe Manor - will be awesoem, if i don't have to share!!

Breakfast at Giraffe Manor will be awesome as long as they know I don't share!!

Still haven’t lost a pound but now it has become funny to me. How can someone workout 3 – 5 times a week and lose NOTHING?? its friggin hilarious!!

Doris is on the workout wagon too and giving me tons of support to keep going… we are taking her daughter out tomorrow for a big walk on jericho beach tomorrow.
I did the Cardio Sculpt at FW again this AM at 6 and just did the lil AB video i have here at work so maybe this week i will drop another ONE pound. 

Hugs all around, C