Only took a couple of classes for me to realize that Hot Yoga isn’t for me or, perhaps as the yogi tried to explain to me last week, i am not interested in getting to ‘know myself’ any better.

The class wasn’t a problem, yes, i could work on my flexibility to get into the poses deeper but i really didn’t have any issue with the class…was never sore and did enjoy it>>> it’s the following few hours that kicked my butt. Maybe it was dehydration or electrolyte depletion but WOW, in a few hours following each class, i was completely useless with pounding headaches…so severe on Monday, i had to go home from work at 930am and spent the day in bed trying to sleep it off.  it wasn’t as bad yesterday but still had a mild headache for a few hours in the afternoon.

Now Jill feels totally fine during the day but doesn’t feel 100% right after the class, takes it easy and then is good. She did an amazing job in the class and is insanely flexible! She was very inspiring to do the class with!!

Sadly my life and its demands don’t allow hours of recovery after each activity. ideally i would like to be revitalized & recharged after doing something active or ‘good for me’ and HOT YOGA just didn’t do that. But hey, we will just chalk it up to a new experience… and it needs to be said that i am down 4 more lbs from all that sweating.