so the boiler is being replaced in the building and therefore the hot water was to be turned off for 2 weeks… or so they thought… latest update is that it will be another week… but get me going on this.

Apparently they didn’t think it would be that bad as we have full access to the pool building, showers, etc… BUT it isn’t open til 7am (uummm, half way through my day) so it has been a very rough 2 weeks for me. I have been visiting the 24hr Fitness Worlds very early BUT decided last week that since i am there – well, what the heck, maybe i will work out!! hahaha… so now i have 3 times on my 15 visits. 🙂

Yesterday’s class was very hard after yet another roller blading tumble the day before, this one is worse- so bad we didn’t take a picture …imagine road rash from ankle to ass… yep, NOT pretty.

GOOD NEWS though today … got confirmation of my night’s stay at Giraffe Manor in Nairobi before the safari starts. Here’s a lil’ video from YouTube to show you what i hope to witness & partake in.