Those Sweet Cheeks

Those Sweet Cheeks

this was the scrapbook page i completed only a few months ago, even though it was the very first one i attempted to create at an scrapbook intro class at Clipper St last fall.

actually it was quite funny… they gave us time during the class to go out into the store and select the patterned and solid papers we wanted to use for the photos we brought with us. everyone choose theirs right away. immediately, once returning to the class room, i was unhappy with my selection however the instructor was continuing so i thought i should stay put. 

the class progressed for the next 30min with complete introductions to photo matting, embellishments, etc was informative and fun however i still wasn’t happy with my choices .

My GF, Tevi stayed busy the whole time gluing, cutting and working out the placement of her photos and quickly completed her first LayOut. sadly, a ‘free of commitment’ took over, i had a real hard time cutting the paper knowing it was PERMANENT… i mean, how do you know that is the exact paper colour and if THAT is where you want to attach or glue down everything…so needless to say, i left with nothing completed and a newly discovered fear of GLUE and TAPES. do i really need a new hobby…it’s not like my life isn’t loaded already, right? Not sure about this scrapbooking thing…

Tevi & I left the class before it was over since she was done so quickly and i was simply pushing paper and photos around each other. Grabbed a spectacular lunch at Milestone’s, had a lovely visit and then parted ways for the day… when i, yep, you guessed it, promptly went back to Cliiper St spent another 30min selecting paper and another 6mos completing this cute lil layout. I look at it now with great nostalgia and realized how far i have come while learning to love glue and cutting up paper…