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Pinterest  VancouverScrapsIt’s no secret I LOVE PINTEREST… if you don’t know it (hhmm, where have you been?? lol… it is a plethora of eye candy from amazing new yummy recipes, scrapbooking ideas, travel tips and inspirations, home projects, art stuff and sssoooo much more!!!) and my accounts is at under ‘vancouverscraps’

It is my Facebook for time sucking… 2 hrs will go by and I don’t even notice… I am literally on it every single day!! I have close to 3000 pins and over 1000 likes… ‘Likes’ mean they haven’t been pinned yet because I just need to check the source or their usefulness.

garlic butter croutonsI have some projects, recipes and home projects that I really love and am so excited to share them with you. (click on the linked text)

Ok first as I type this I am snacking… yes snacking on croutons… I know, I know; croutons… but you must try these amazing morsels. Garlic Butter Croutons

They are divine… and you won’t be able to save them simply for just salads, I promise. I am picturing them crumbled on top mac n cheese and more.

I made these roasted potatoes for my man and holy crap they were good  They were so flipping good that even though they were initially for him, DrippingFlowers Abstract ArtI ate way more than my portion as they came out of the oven, as they cooled on top and before even hitting the table. I cook them longer than the recipe calls for and I just watch them to get super crispy… I LOVE crispy!!

An abstract art piece caught my eye one day and I tried to do my own version when Doris and I were out at Raw Canvas one night – after some yummy munchies and a couple glasses of wine.

Of course, mine needed to be much less bright and in my neutral palate, but I love the way it turned out and more importantly, we had a ton of fun.

My Abstract African SplatterThen there is one of my most favourite canvases ever!!  I came across a brightly coloured African Map of splatters on pinterest and was initially going to buy it til I figured out a way to do it myself.

I die-cut the continent with my Silhouette and dabbed a variety of, yes neutral, paints at again Raw Canvas in 2013 then brought it home to spray and splatter. and once again, love it!!

See this is why Pinterest is so brilliant to me, it is so full inspiration and ideas for you to jump from.

What have you discovered, attempted and loved from Pinterest?? Share… I can’t wait to see

Thanks tons for checking in,



Layout finally completed from Oct13

As J reaches 7 1/2yrs old, and is FULLY embracing all that THAT means… if you have hung out with a 7 yr old lately then you know what I mean. :)
I am drawn to our simpler times and fun memories.

I eat my veggies thereThis was a layout I started in Oct 13, and just finished it last month. (one of my goals for 2015 is to complete projects… and yes, I don’t need reminding that it was a goal from 2013 and 2014…lol)

Here is the journalling …

You had another tooth ready to fall out any second, but tomorrow is Gr 1 picture day & your Mom was really concerned about it. So, as we headed to McDonald’s for dinner tonight, I asked you to try & chew on the other side of your mouth so you wouldn’t knock out your tooth accidentally. You thought about it for a second, than responded…

But I eat my veggies on that side.

It was such an innocent and quick response that I had no words. Man, does he have his Dad’s wit!!

Thanks for stopping by,


I SUCK as a gift giver…well, last yr at least.

JillyBean's Bday GiftWOW, you know you have too much on your plate and perhaps that your last year was beyond overwhelming when you give one of your best friends her birthday gift in January when her birthday was the previous JUNE!!!

And to make things worse, I have actually seen her a few times between June and now but always had too much going on in my head to ever remember to actually bring her gift and card with me.  Uugghh, brutal!!
Sorry JillyBean!!

But I promise 2015, to be/do better! It has already started out much better and I am actually starting to feel like myself again. Alil more energy, alil more business focus and alil more mental grounding than I have had in over 13 mos. And hold the phone… think I am going to get to the gym this week. Doris and my man have inspired me!! month, I spent some amazing time with one of my favourite US mixed media artists, Donna Downey (sadly no Bill this time, he was off selecting fabric for Donna’s new line) as well as had some great nights out with friends and am finally getting some good quality time with the man.

Canvases made with DonnaAll in all, 2015 is looking up. Yes, I know we are only 6 weeks in but come on people, it’s all about keeping positive.

Thanks as always for checking in, Big Hugs, Carole

A new year… is that possible??

My 2015MantraI honestly can’t believe it is already January… where did that last year go?

But either way,  here we are on the precipice on a new one and here I am once again full of hope, faith and a fist full of dreams and goals for 2015.

Once I get some time next week, I hope to work on updating the blog with many of the events of 2014 as well as include some of my goals and paths to get them accomplished.

Found this quote on Pinterest last week, and immediately knew I had to make it mine,

All the Best in 2015, and here’s hoping next week when I check in I have been able to keep at least a couple resolutions alive…lol




Sea Kayaking off Vancouver Island with the Orca Whales… sort of

Sexy OutfitWas alil freaked out about this trip as I did NOTHING to prep for it… not one tiny bit of training or toning… lol, yep definitely no toning going on.
This working full time this yr, while trying desperately to keep PC a float is killing me… I am dying, I tell ya!! The big red S has always been a no-brainer for me, literally. Great place to go socialize and never ever gave it a second thought while doing the job or after I punched out but this year has been VERY DIFFERENT…uugghh
ok sorry; … nuff about my work rant… back to the Kayaking.

So as mentioned above, I was alil freaked out about this trip for all the reasons mentioned.. then they gave me this sexy outfit … and again, nuff said :)

Loading the 'boats'We got to the orientation meeting, met the guides and previous owner of the company. He recently sold to ROW Adventures but every now and then, comes on these excursions when he is in town, purely because of his love for the region…yay BC!! We were really lucky to have Peter join us. He had a millions stories and tales… I loved it! What a lovely (small) group of people… all American, the other guests were.

We started day one by loading the kayaks down at the pier that was super slippery and filled with jelly fish… or sea jelly as they are now known as. I spent most of my time rescuing each jelly by gently picking them up and placing them back in the water. (Yep, a couple people found it weird… ask me if I cared :))

View from the 'loo'We then set out for ‘camp’. The paddling started out OK once I got alil instruction but after approx 1 hr, my carpal tunnel started to act up and both hands went numb… uugghh, I didn’t even think about it prior to booking this type of trip. But thank goodness, at about the same time, everyone was starting to feel it and needed bathroom breaks so we pulled into the next beautiful cove. Here we discovered some very unusual star fish… again, known as Sea Stars now… uuggh being politically correct has never been my strong suit… but here was also my first visit to the ‘loo’… yep pine box in the woods. Good times… not.
But to find the silver lining, this was the view on my way back to the beach… gorgeous!

Orange SeaStar We were lucky to also have Monica with us as a guide, she is studying to be a Marine Biologist so had a ton of info to share and a pure love of nature and wildlife… we got along great …lol… actually she ended up being Peter’s girlfriend… sweet couple




Kelp BedI borrowed my man’s underwater camera and got some fun shots of kelp. It was really interesting learning about it, its growths patterns etc from the guides. I just remember growing up in the West End that it was an irritant while swimming down at English Bay but it was interesting learning the other side of it.


Paddling along...Then after WAY too much paddling; we finally made it. We pulled the kayaks WAAAYYYYY up on shore so they wouldn’t float away… they were loaded with all our gear and weighed a friggin ton. While carrying them, all I could think was ‘buy a friggin rope’ … achieves the same result; no floating away.

Stunning BC Coastal morningThis stunning view was mine the next morning, actually EVERY morning… the fog hung around alot, and was chilly in the morning but was very cool to kayak through during the day, well, until it was foggy and rainy for 2 days straight. But made for some interesting photo shots… again always looking for the silver lining.

AAhh campfire eggs benny... MmmEach morning we were also greeted with an amazing breakfast … we actually got Eggs Benny one day. How the heck do you make Eggs Benedict on a camp fire… these guys are miracle workers. Plus they also went the extra mile by always making everything look beautiful.
Monica usually had a lovely fruit platter all cut and adorned with greenery and/or florals.

I am super strong...When not kayaking thru the day, Peter would take us on nature hikes thru the woods. This is where I learned how to tell a Hemlock… limp top due to its below average sized pine cones and a cedar or spruce.  We also made our way to other shoreline campsites to meet other kayakers… 2 others groups were from England… WOW imagine coming all the way here just to go kayaking on the coast. COOL!

BCs Gorgeous WoodlandsI got some great shots in the woods but this is one of my favs… love it!! When taking pics anywhere… I try to remember on occasion to look up!!

So as I mentioned earlier it rained a fair amount while on this excursion, so I really embraced the layered look. I don’t usually do layers as I don’t like adding extra girth needlessly, since I do a great job on my own :) but here I am showing off my layers and enjoying a few rare moments of sun.








Visiting OrcaHere are a couple shots of some of the whales we saw… sadly a few times they would come in closer but I never had my camera ready since it was raining so much I didn’t have it out (since I am such a ‘nervous nelly’ about it getting wet)

Orca family with babeThis was a sweet family pod that visited us a few times… it was great this last time as we put the hydro phone in the water and could hear them ‘chatting’ with each other. It was super cool.




OrcaThis would’ve been an awesome day to have had my camera ready for as the whales were close to us… and would’ve been super close if we were in the kayaks but as you can see from the water; it was super choppy so we didn’t leave the shore. Plus it had been raining, so my big camera was in my tent.

Here are some random shots of everyday life…

CampFire MealsThis was the kitchen/eating set- up with Monica’s fruit plate, yummy oatmeal breakfast cake (yep didn’t get my pineapple upset down cake, but loved this one) and my steaming cup of tea. Without a Starbucks anywhere to be seen, I settled for a big cup of Tetley a couple times a day.

CampFire French Toast and BaconHahaha is it weird that I have this many food shots??…but it is my favourite part of most days.

But I was in a stunning part of our region so let’s finish up with a sunset shot … this was the view from my tent as the sun set each night. We would start ‘Happy Hour’ at 5p… where I discovered the joy of boxed wine, brie warmed on the open fire, sea salted whole nuts, green grapes and crackers…so yummy!!

Thx for checking in once again, All the Best, Carole

Night Night

Grizzlies, Eagles and Seals …oh my

My Grizzly Photo Safari started off with the same type of drama that seems to be my M.O. now a days. Missed the YVR shuttle because I stopped to get Starbucks in the AM, got dropped at the wrong terminal causing me to run full out to my gate, due to workload, stress & cost,I had to cut the days of the tour down from the original 7 to only 2 SO this once-in-a-lifetime wildlife experience quickly was becoming an adventure of nothing but stress & panic from hour one! uugghh

my view for the whole flightAfter finally arriving at the gate, and boarding in the nick of time, THIS was my view the entire time up to Prince Rupert. Yes she is cute, but can’t she feel my disdain for children…. and irritation with being disturbed. UUgghh!!

I then leave the small plane from YVR, board a smaller plane in Price Rupert and get on the boat that takes us up the coast in alignment with Alaska.  The boat was great with an upper deck with the ‘cockpit’…lack of knowledge for the real word… as well as loads of privacy… didn’t know I was supposed to be downstairs on the passenger level…oops! (they couldn’t have meant that rule from ME…could they??!!?)

But then, on the 2 hrs up the coast, I fell madly in love… no, not with some sexy captain, or even a rugged seaman on board or a foreign traveler to our lovely land but with this … ohhh man, isn’t it hot!??!!! Literally felt my heart go pitter patter…lol

MyDream LensThis sexy piece of Canon brilliant technology caught my eye early on and wouldn’t let up the whole trip. Finally I had to say something to the owner about my ‘equipment envy’… then because the universe was smiling on me today, he offered to let me use it and attach it to my own camera!! OMG… heavenly… and came home trying to justify this $12,000.oo purchase… hahaha

IMG_2484A_resizeAnd of course, the reason why I wanted to use that insane lens, was baby cub treasures like this lil one…

IMG_2445Claws_resizeHere’s another lil one making his way over a mossy log… the scenery was stellar but look at his claws – holy crapola

IMG_2571A_resizeThis was a momma bear who was letting her lil one know that he was getting too far away… yep, I wouldn’t argue with her either. He immediately came running back. This is my favorite thing to do while witnessing wildlife in their natural habitat… just sit back and watch them to their thing. In my opinion, the boat moved on too quickly from one group of duo of bears to another… I understand that that’s what people pay for …see lots of GRIZZLIES… but I, for one, would be sssoo content to just sit for a few mins with one group to watch behaviors, interactions, reactions, etc…

IMG_2605A_resizeHere is that same momma bear again, feeling much better about the situation clearly. But always keeping a motherly watch on him…

BTW this is sedge grass… total protein based… interesting I thought.

IMG_2688A_resizeSo as we were heading in, we passed this small island filled with sea lions… as the boat approached though all the seals darted into the water… this one and a smattering of others stayed behind, of which I was very grateful… look at those eyes!!

IMG_2742A_resizeOn the 2nd day, the boys do this bizarre cawing into a microphone and throw clams and raw chum-like stuff off the deck for the eagles… well, the eagles are totally game for this little show because man, did they perform. At one point, I counted 23 eagles circled, diving and battling… it was an awesome sight.

IMG_2780A_resizeThis is the fine line with photography… do I pull the lens back so I can get the whole bird with his full wing span or stay zoomed in so we can see some of the details… uugghh oohh the struggle…teeheehee

IMG_2791A_resizeI loved this guy, because you can tell he is solely focused on his mission of getting FOOD!!

Of course, there were a million more shots and think I posted most of them on Flickr but wanted to share a couple here too and tell you about the experience.

It was good for the most part, but definitely NOT enough time with the bears… think next time I will do one of the sleep over many night packages and also one with a view platform where I can sit for as long as I want. (Remember the watering hole in Africa, right outside my bedroom and how I spent the whole night out there watching… and watching and listening… it was MAGIC)
The boat was gorgeous and huge and the crew were amazing. I really appreciated the few little nature talks they did as well about the region and the bears themselves… that was interesting.
the food.. once again, I am choosing not to mention…lol

So that was my June adventure … can’t wait to spend time with the Orca whales next month.

Thx for checking in,
Hugs, Carole





March Madness in Seattle

SilksClassNow anyone that knows Doris, knows that mornings aren’t her favourite time of the day but my dear dear friend showed up at my place at 630am to pick me up for a promising girls weekend in Seattle. WOW you know you have a good friend when she would get up that early for you, scrap her windshield and drive out to Richmond… she is so sweet!!
I had even gone to ‘Bucks beforehand to grab us some beverages for the road because I had been up for hours at that point (lol) …sadly when juggling my suitcase, our lil cooler with lunch and treats, and a special bday gift to open on my actual birthday I dropped our drinks all over my lobby… gulp, oops!!! uugghh…

SilksClass_DorisOur first stop was to an Aerial Silks class @11am just beside SeaTac airport…where we were taught many tips and tricks on how to use the fabric strips hanging from the ceiling safely and properly. WOW, the instructor made it look so easy and so graceful… Dee and I …well, not so much but holy crow we had a ton of fun and were actually sweating after… it was an amazing workout. In the end, we couldn’t figure out if our ABS were hurting because of the movements or because we were laughing so hard… it was hilarious.

MarchSilksCaroleWe went on from the Aerial Class to Woodinville where they house the most bizarre set up of wine tasting rooms. It was a commercial group of buildings where they do the bottling and tastings. All the wineries represented do their growing elsewhere in the state but come together in this one central location on the weekends for the public to try their wines.

We visited at least 4 of the wineries for at least 5 tastings at each… so by the 2nd one we were finely toasted and having fun. We really enjoyed the Italian and the Spanish ones …but truly just about everything was yummy.

WodinvilleWinesThen we headed into downtown Seattle to stay at the W one night and the Sheraton for the other… both arranged and taken care of by my baby brother and his lovely wife.

Then the next day we headed off to Boeing Field for a Helicopter Lesson…. that’s right; I learned to fly a Helicopter….crazy right!!!

BdayPilotI met my instructor and had a one hour ground lesson where he went over all parts of the copter and what I could expect, how to course correct any problems and why a helicopter is different from plane…

CopterControlsThen we took off, which of course he did… then he gave me control… sadly every time I took over I kept taking us into a nose dive. He would even us out each time and then hand over control again. Each time I would freak out slightly…  imagine all of a sudden, being face down to the ground… a touch concerning LOL.

CopterInstructorThis is Brian… my instructor and savoir…literally :) He was so calm, cool and collected

FlyingHIgh(Look Ma, I am flying…) Think I will post a bunch of Copter Shoots on Flickr so will update here when done.

CocoaWest TrufflesIt was the most fun EVER… I loved it!!! and wanted to do it again and again… then Doris and I went and did some shopping, had dinner and enjoyed happy hour in the hotel. THEN later that night… well technically, early the next morning, after a fun ‘texting marathon’ with my new man, I was able to open another birthday gift… a box of my favourite truffles on the planet. They are only available at a specific chocolatier on Bowen Island where he had to psychically go visit to get for me… how amazingly sweet is that. Doris and I very much enjoyed them (yep, I did share) and were so moved by his actions. So amazingly thoughtful. (as a small side note, gotta say…this one is blowing my mind…hhhmmm)

March TreatsThen we got back to town late in the day, and when heading to work the next day, I was also moved by the kindness of my dear friend Rhonda when she arrived at the store (on her day off) with my most favourite cinnamon bun and a Starbucks card for my bday and another friend at the store brought me a HUGE chocolate almond croissant… i told you i was spoiled rotten.

MarchAnton'sIt was the most magical birthday EVER… on many many levels. Gorgeous eCard from my Dad, beautiful touching card (with alil American LOVE) from my Mommy, a fun and spirited meal with JillyBean and Shelley at Luke’s on Granville with plans for a great PaintNiteOut and fabulous dinner out with my family at my favourite italian restaurant on the planet, Anton’s. A whole month of favourites and a month of super special moments and memories. I could NOT have asked for anything more perfect.

Thank you all so much,





Merry Month of March continues…

Origami Surprise…the 16th brought more unexpected gifts of magic and sweetness… like an origami bird made by a dear friend’s newly acquired skill as well as a fun sleepover with J.

We went to Watermania for a couple hours of wave fun (oohh, and I caught a lung infection from an unknown inhalant… bizarre, but true… and was put on an inhaler for 2 weeks) then we had quite a humorous discussion about dinner as we left. J seemed to feel that White Spot was the only option, til I spent some time discussing the accolades of Ricky’s and their grilled Cheese with Bacon and fries and gravy… which I had been craving for a number of hours… to which J announced; in his driest a-matter-of-fact tone… “Ya Ricky’s… not gonna happen”… OMG I almost peed my pants… he is 6 yrs old, where does he get this bravado from; let alone the terminology…
PhotoBombHowever as much as I enjoy this energy, this strength within him to voice his opinion… he quickly learned that when his Auntie has a craving and more importantly, the one with the wallet… he will go where she wishes… which he happily went along with without any fuss or muss.

Then when trying to capture this memory and photo of the moment, he once again showed all HIS SIX YR moxie and photo bombed my photo by licking my ear… uugghhh, whatever will I do with him…. except laugh regularly and love him unconditionally :)

(also we had a great time at the office the next day when J once again shocked me… it was the first time since his arrival he had ‘ a plan’ for photo shoot.
On his previous visit, I showed him some shots I got of him playing hockey and when the puck would hit him and the funny faces he would make… well, he decided that he wanted LOTS of pictures of his ACTION SHOTS …and here is the gallery of images at Flickr… NNNOOOO there is no theatrical drama in his future at all…

AfricanRingsThen I rec’d the most amazing gift for my birthday …the most special napkin rings that scream of ME. 6 handcrafted African animals that look perfect on my table. I LOVE them. Then D and I spent the weekend in Seattle for a ton of birthday fun!!


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